Friday, 28 March 2014

The Mechanical Graveyard

Sparks exploded out of the Tardis console and the Doctor jumped back. His hat was lying on the sofa and his coat was on the floor. He had a hammer in his hand and it was doing well. Up until now that is. The Doctor pulled the time rotor handbrake and switched the time curve indicator on. The spirals now displayed on the monitor didn't show a promising group of spirals but they indicated that the Tardis had materialised safely. But not for long! He ran past the helm and to the mechanical panel, just as a plume of flames erupted out of the navigation panel. He hit the cooling fan system and pulled a lever on the fabrication panel. Then he pulled the quantum foam manipulators and this caused the time column to turn blue. Then he activated the anchor and the Tardis landed. Lyra and Adric burst out of the corridor and the time column echoed thunder round the room. They turned to see a storm happening inside. "Doctor," asked Lyra, grabbing to something as the Tardis started shaking, "what's going on?"
"I attempted to land the Tardis on a scrapyard ship at a certain time but the Tardis doesn't like that time and so it got angry. Isn't that right old girl, yeah it is!" He talked to the Tardis like a human would talk to a beloved pet.
"What's a scrapyard ship?" Asked Lyra as a cascade of sparks exploded from the console.
"Adric," replied the Doctor, "explain as I'm busy."
"Basically a scrapyard ship is a space ship that travels through space with a cargo of old bits and pieces from different races. Mostly the bits and pieces are technological gizmos but sometimes you can find other things. They are usually nice places to be or so I think."
As he finished that sentence, the Doctor finished 'sonicing' the console and pulled the door control. He burst through the door and onto a vibrating wooden floor. He was followed by Adric and Lyra. "Oh wow! Follow me Lyra!" He led her over to a pile of technology and started saying how they had this on his home world. The Doctor laughed and noted that the Tardis was parked in water dispenser barrel. He went over to join his companions. "Right then you two," he spoke, "have a look at this picture and then tell me if you can see anything like it."
He showed them a picture of a series of cogs and pulleys and levers and all sorts of other things. When neither of his friends said anything, he suggested another idea, "Whilst don't you have a look around and if you see anything, call me."
Adric and Lyra went off looking around and the Doctor started routing through a pile of things. When he found something he needed, he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a sack which he put the piece in. His hat was still in the Tardis and he noticed that Lyra was near the dispenser. "Lyra, would you mind getting my hat? It's on the sofa in the console room."
"Sure. I'll be back in a second." She entered the Tardis and the Doctor got back to work.
About a minute later, Adric came to speak to him. "Doctor, I've found some sort of twelvanta generating regulator. I wondered if that might be helpful?" Two doors at the other end of the room burst open and at least twenty people carrying gigantic weapons and wearing armour. Once all but one of them was in the side of the room that the Doctor was, one spoke and said, "Secure the room, less than twenty seconds till invasion."
The one left on the other side used his gun to shoot at the ceiling and then ran to join the Doctors side. "What on Earth are you doing?" Cried the Doctor.
"Five." Called the person who had just shot at the ceiling.
Lyra burst from the water dispenser and looked at the Doctor. "Doctor?"
"Lyra. Run!"
"Blast!" The rusty piles of metal suddenly raced towards the ceiling and created a barricade between the Doctor and Adric and Lyra. "What the great saints of Galifrey did you think you were doing?"
The soldier who had given the order replied, "There are a hoard of Bionicnauts after us and who the heck are you?"
"Oh so you're some kind of army people are you? What are the Bionicnauts? Some kind  of Cybermen?"
"Yes we are 'some kind of army people'- the Soldiers of Solitude. And back to my previous question, who are you?"
"Oh, well I'm agent 13- codename the Doctor and this is Agent 45C- codename Adric. I ask you to name me the Doctor and my associate Adric. Understood?"
"Look, whose agents are you?"
"The high council of the gamma forest. Because that's where the soldiers of solitude are from, aren't they."
"Yes sir. Sorry for the hostility sir."
"It's fine..."
"Commander Jandan sir."
"Well then commander, tell me: What are the Bionicnauts?"
Lyra jumped back as the Doctor was cut away from her by the gigantic metal wall. When it had formed, she banged on it intensely. "Doctor! Doctor!" She cried. Then she sat down on the floor looking melancholy at the best. The water the Tardis had been trapped in was now stuck in the wall and the only way out was through the doors now open on the other side of the room. All of a sudden, in stepped several creatures. They looked like the echoes they had encountered a while ago except they wore armour and had weapons. Also, they seemed to have a slight air about them. Which made them nightmarish.
"Doctor!" She battered the wall more desperately to no avail. 
"Who are you?" Whispered one of the creatures.
"I'm Lyra. Who are you?"
"I'm twenty three. Are you hurt?"
"Shut up twenty three!" Cried a larger angry monster.
"Sorry sir."
"Is she alive?"
"Yes sir."
"Take her to the king and nine."
"Yes sir. Of course."
"The king and nine?" She screamed as they carried her away. "Who is that?"
"The Bionicnauts are experiments gone wrong," replied Commander Jandan.
"Isn't everything!" Retorted the Doctor.
"They were created to be quickly created reinforcements. The idea was that if you were on the field of battle, surrounded by enemies, you can find a bit of broken technology and then pour some special liquid on it, you will be presented with a Bionicnaut. Every time you encounter another piece of technology, the Bionicnaut multiplies. But the problem was, they couldn't be controlled so some idiot thought it would be clever to dump the prototype liquid on a scrapyard ship. We were sent to contain the monsters which we were doing until you arrived, sir, and they went crazy. We managed to conceal them on the other side of that wall but it will only last a day and a half, a day at the best."
"What if we destroy the wall?"
"Impossible and why on Earth would you want to?"
"I have a friend on the other side, an agent with the codename Lyra. Also my ship is contained in that wall."
"Nothing we can do sorry."
"What will they do with her?"
"Take her to their king."
"We heard them whispering about a king. Although they did also say some number- nine I think- so maybe they were talking about playing cards. They do that a lot."
"How strange. Now, where can we get to the other side from?"
"The next floor. But in one hour, we're moving out to shut that down and then to the floor above to shut that down and then to the floor above to shut that down. We will pardon that side of the ship away from us. We will imprison the Bionicnauts!"
The Doctor stormed out and pulled Adric with him. "Damn soldiers! What happened to glory and such!"
"What's the plan Doctor?"
"We can't go to the Tardis to save her, we can't go anywhere without an army escort and we can't talk to them to reason."
"So annoying! Every time we've got an idea, some flushes it away."
"Royal Flush!"
"You are ace Adric. And they've got a king. And a nine!"
"You're not making any sense!"
"As I once said, 'Of course I am, you're just not keeping up!"
"Doctor what's going on?"
"Did Lyra have a phone?"
"Great! Do you have the one I gave you?"
"Let me text her on it!"
The Doctor snatched it from Adric and texted Lyra the words, "Don't worry. Tell the king, the Doctor is on floor ten and needs to talk. Good luck and remember, we're coming for you."
On floor three, four floors below the Doctor, Lyra received a text. Her faith was restored when we she read the words of the Doctor. "Twenty Three?"
"Where is the king?"
"The king and nine?"
"On the floor below us. Why?"
"I need to give him a message."
"Aren't you going to ask what the question is?"
"Why not?"
"Because it's none of my business."
"Normally the captures always ask the prisoners about the messages they want to give to the boss people."
"Well that will be because your not a prisoner."
"Am I not?"
"No. You're our guest. That's what twenty seven told anyway."
"Well it must be true."
"Do you want to play cards later?"
"Ok. Can I just say, you're coping with the whole prisoner and kidnapper thing brilliantly!"
"A minute ago you said that I wasn't a prisoner?"
"Oh yeah. That was just a clever fib to stop you from worrying. Or at least that's what twenty seven told me."
"Oh great!"
"What's the plan Doctor?" Asked Adric.
"We need to get to floor ten to speak to the king." Replied the Doctor.
"Right. But we can't go without an officer who will shoot us when they speak to the king."
"So? We sneak away. What we need though, is a distraction."
"Right. The floor, it's coated with something. What is it?"
"Right, so I drop some Fibranium on it and we get an instant smoke explosion."
"Have you got Fibranium?"
"Good. Now use it!"
Adric sat down and pulled back the bottom of his shoe. Underneath was a charcoal like substance. He scattered it on the ground and instantly a smoky shadow ad into the air. Whilst the soldiers of solitude ran around in confusion, the Doctor and Adric hurried out  into the stairwell. "To floor ten. Deinceps!"
They raced up to floor eight and stopped for a breath. "Doctor, do you know the king?"
"Yes. So do you."
"What do you mean?"
"Think about it. A race whose only concept of letters and numbers are on cards?"
"Oh yes!"
Meanwhile, Lyra was sat in a chair. Twenty Three was next to her and their was a hole in the middle of the floor to her left. Smoke was coming out. Their were red lights flashing through the air and the rest of the Bionicnauts were knelt around it whispering. Suddenly a sound was made and a platform was raising out of the circular hole. And in the centre of the platform was the king and nine. "Well I wasn't expecting that!" Cried Lyra. 
"Speak your message to the natural!" Whispered Twenty Three.
"Natural?" Suddenly she recalled the rules of Baccarat. King and Nine is a nine. A natural! "The Doctor wants to speak to you on floor ten oh natural."
"The Doctor is here?" It asked, it's voice spiky and electronic.
"Yes. Shall we go?"
The Doctor and Adric burst onto the tenth floor. They had ran even faster after they heard the soldiers of solitude gaining on them. After 'sonicing' the door shut, the Doctor made his way to the centre of the room. "Doctor?" Asked Adric. "Am I right in what I'm thinking?"
"Can I just go over my thinking's?"
"I you want to?"
"Yes, I would. So king and nine is what they call their emperor. The emperor is definitely robotic because they only like technology. If I was to only have a knowledge of letters and numbers that expands to the world of playing cards I would name any singular letters I saw I wouldn't know any unless they were A, K, Q and J. If I was to see the letter K I would think king. And then add any additional numbers to it. King and nine therefore comes from K9. The emperor of the Bionicnauts is actually K9, your robotic dog!"
"Affirmative." Spoke K9 who was wheeling in besides Lyra. K9 was coated in rust and had a tartan collar around his neck. One of the panels that covered the inside of his body was ripped off and several of the buttons on the top of the device were smashed and broken. The plate that acted as a viewing device had fractures in. He looked very rusty and sadly broken. 
"Doctor! Adric!" Cried Lyra as she rushed to them. "I never thought I'd see you again!"
"Adric," spoke the Doctor, "console the panic-y girl, I need to talk to K9."
"Ok." Adric started talking to Lyra whilst the Doctor knelt down to K9 and patted him on the head. "What have they done to you old boy?"
"Nothing Doctor. I have merely aged."
"About half a thousand years ago, the Earth ended. Most of the technology was taken but I managed to escape on this ship. I was put on a floor and hidden behind everything else. About ten years ago, I was discovered by the Bionicnauts. Since then, I've been referred to as 'King and nine' or the natural if you play baccarat. I'm glad you found me. I don't know how many more stories I could tell them at bedtime!"
"Well at least you're back K9. Look, I'm going to input some codes so sorry if you have to go through a selection of updates."
"I don't update any more. I just get on with it."
"Oh." The Doctor finished inputting codes and turned to the door. "I think the doors are going to open in a second."
"Would you like me to call the Tardis?" Asked K9. 
"Yes, you genius!"
"Won't it have new codes  Doctor?" Asked Adric.
"I've already inputted them!"
As K9 made a connection with the Tardis, the Doctor filled Lyra in on K9's history."
Adric looked at the wall and started to think. Suddenly the doors, on either side, exploded open. "Doctor, I seem to doubt your story now! Especially seeing that you're with the king and nine!"
The soldiers of solitudes technological armour was broken and they were covered in broken devices. On the other side of the room were the Bionicnauts. They were looking angry and twenty three was standing at the back unhappy. "K9," spoke Adric, "have you called the Tardis?"
"Should be materialising any second, master."
"Ah. Not good?"
"Why not?" Asked the Doctor.
"The commander said the Bionicnauts went mad when the Tardis materialised. The Tardis is full of broken technologies. The commander said the Bionicnauts came from a liquid. The Tardis landed in a liquid. What if the liquid the Tardis landed in is the liquid the Bionicnauts come from. They went mad because they sensed more of them being created. And these new Bionicnauts would be stuck in the wall which is now being pulled apart to bring the liquid, holding the Tardis, here. Those Bionicnauts will come with it!"
"Ah." Whispered the Doctor. "K9, does your laser nose thing work against them?"
"Yes master." 
"But it's broken."
"Ah. May I just say, you are all brilliant!" Suddenly a couple of galleons of liquid dropped into the room. About forty new Bionicnauts appeared with it. The liquid splashed against the soldiers of solitude. "Doctor," spoke Lyra.
"What are we going to do?"
Before he could answer, the soldiers of solitudes weapons, gadgets and armour jumped away from them. These abandoning broken technologies went on to become Bionicnauts. There was at least one hundred Bionicnauts standing around them and the number kept on growing. 
"Doctor," whispered Lyra, "you better have a plan."
"Well sort of."
"Sort of?"
"It's one of those plans which you're not going to like."
"What's the plan?"
"Yes master," replied the robotic dog.
"Did you complete the instructions?"
"Well then! Deinceps!"
And with that the Bionicnauts advanced.

The Doctor, Lyra, Adric and the king and nine will conclude this 

adventure next week!"    

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