Friday, 28 March 2014

Old Friend Upgraded

The Doctor stared at the Perspex tube which held the body of one of his old friends.
"Adric?" Asked Lyra. "As in ADRIC pod?"
"So it would seem." The Doctor raced towards one of the computer screens that sat near the tube. He scanned it with his hand device and some information came up. "Block Transfer computation."
"Me and Adric were friends. Near the end of my fourth life we worked on a system called block transfer computation. Basically you can create constructs and buildings and the like through mathematics and computer software."
"What has this got to do with anything?"
"It would appear the Cybermen are using block transfer information from Adric's brain to signal things from the ADRIC pods into other devices. They seem to have a small perceptive residue on them."
"I don't really understand."
"Basically every ADRIC pod has a signalling device in it. When the Cybermen want, they can activate the signalling. The block transfer computation information in Adric's brain is then transferred into the real world. It effects objects such as the fridge in your kitchen turning it into an ADRIC device, something that could change someone into a Cyberman. But somehow Adric had been sending messages out of the devices, like when I regenerated he projected himself into the room. Probably because he picked up the partron energy. The question is, what are they going to do?"
"Right. Just to interrupt you there, but the Cybermen are getting through the door."
"Ah!" The Doctor pressed his hand to the Perspex tube and sent out a blast of energy. The tube smashed and the horrible gloop spilt out. Adric washed out with it and fell onto the floor. The Doctor picked him up and scanned his chest with the contraption on his hand. The Doctor turned to the IPod screen on his contraption and looked at some stats. "I'm going to shock him."
The Doctor pressed the device to the boys chest and let out a bolt of energy. Adric lurched up and gave out a scream. "Don't worry Adric."
"Who are you?"
"I'm the Doctor."
"No you're not."
"Yes I am!"
"The Doctor should wear red jackets with long scarfs but then took to wearing cricket clothes. You good sir, are dressed as a magician."
"I know! But it is me and you'll have to trust me as there are Cybermen on the way."
The Doctor ran to a wall at the back of the room scanning it. "There is nothing behind the wall."
"Great!" Cried Lyra.
"Not great!"
"Is there anything in that corner?" Asked the Doctor.
"Does that mean there is nothing there?"
"Wrong. There are air molecules, dust particles, light rays and heat."
"There is actually nothing at all on the other side of the wall. If we went through that wall we would find nothing. No air, no light, no heat, no cold, nothing!"
"I don't understand."
"I think I do." Stated Adric.
"Take it away Adric."
"The Cybermen had a base near water which didn't really make any sense as they get rusty but the thing is, what comes out of the sea?"
"Rain. What if they dropped something into the water and waited as it rained."
"Obviously!" Cried the Doctor.
"Nothing. Now what you need to know is that we need to get past those Cybermen."
"They have only one weakness as far I'm concerned. They react from freezing cold temperatures."
"Well then! This is computer room and they won't want it to over heat, meaning there must be a cooling system. You too, huddle up. We're about to go very cool!"
The Doctor activated something on his contraption and the room started to get colder and colder. he then opened the door using his contraption. It opened and the Cybermen flooded in. As they stepped in they stopped working- freezing on the threshold.
The Doctor and his companions raced out and down to the reception. They ran into the lift and they got a lift to some random floor that the doctor had choose. The lift stopped and the door opened. they were in some sort of computer room. The Doctor ran over to a computer and started to type something in. He soniced it and then continued to type something. Adric and Lyra ran to join him as two Cybermen walked in. The Doctor clicked some more buttons and then spoke, "The one on the right is a converted Cyberman."
"So the first was converted by an ADRIC mirror. Which is a product of block transfer computation."
"So I can reverse the process like this!" The Doctor hit a button and the robotic suit climbed off the body. It converted into an ADRIC mirror and then disappeared.
"And the other?"
"This software can control any device in the world. So take this Cyberman." The Cyberman just stopped.
"Let me just do one more thing and then we'll go tell Unit." The Doctor flicked some keys and then they ran.
The Doctor, Lyra and Adric arranged to meet Commander Troy at the Reptuswan Theatre.
He turned up and had everyone gather around the table. "Hello Doctor."
""Did you work it out?"
"Explain it then."
"The Cybermen kidnapped my friend Adric. They used him for his knowledge of block transfer computation. Once everyone had an ADRIC pod in there house, the Cybermen subjected all technical appliances to block transfer computation. Using a perception filter, the Cybermen made everyone believe that all electrical appliances were made by the Cyrus Institute. The appliances had been altered so they converted the people at the military site into Cybermen. The Cybermen took the computer system and injected  a load of microscopic projectors into the water. When it rained the microscopic projectors were absorbed by ordinary people and they used the computer software to make the people believe they were wherever the Cybermen wanted. But there was a problem. Adric escaped and managed to tell us all their weaknesses. We then shut down the Cybermen, reversed the transformations, destroyed all additional ADRIC products and froze the computer software."
"Good work Doctor." The commander left.
"When there was nothing outside the room, was that because the room was a figment of block transfer computation?"
"Yes. And that leaves  me with a very, very important question for Adric."
"Yes Doctor?" Asked Adric.
"Would you like a jelly baby?"

The Doctor, Lyra and Adric will return in, 'Resurrection of the Tardis!"

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