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Defence of the Silurians

"And over the last three months, crop growth has dropped to an all time low. In other news, some people have been disappearing." Spoke the television Lyra was watching. The news was always covering the crop growth dropping and problems in mines news and it was a bit annoying. As if it was sensing her negativity, the TV turned off.
"Sorry." Shouted the Doctor who was behind it. He still insisted on wearing the stereotypical magicians outfit.
"Why do you need the TV?"
"I'm using it in what I'm building." The Doctor had recently taken to building something on the stage, but he wouldn't reveal what it was.
The Doctor picked up the TV and carried it onto the stage, closing the curtain so Lyra couldn't see what he was building. 
"It's been a week since you moved in, and you still haven't answered some of my questions." Started Lyra.
The Doctor walked into the kitchen and started to dismantle a toaster, "Well ask away."
"After you 'regenerate' do you normally forget everything?"
"Not normally. There are some things which cause it to happen such as a lead bullet or exposed power to the time stream. Although I guess it might have had been because that was my final regeneration."
"And what is that contraption on your hand?"
"It's a sonic screwdriver."
"It's not a screwdriver and it isn't sonic."
"I know but it does the job of a sonic screwdriver."
"Finally, why are there a load of soldiers outside?"
The Unit soldiers smashed open the front door and positioned their best marksman in the higher area of the theatre. The Doctor walked out onto the stage, taking the opportunity to hide the construct he was building. "Well if it isn't Unit! Coming to drag me to your base, are we?"
"Yes sir. We have a possibility of Silurians."
"Lyra, grab your coat. We have a group of angry lizards to sort out."
The journey to Unit HQ was a bit too long because of traffic causing the Doctor to jump out of the car and run around like a giddy schoolboy. The Unit soldiers restrained the Doctor and led him through to the main briefing hall. Commander Troy- who the Doctor didn't like- walked over to them and said, "Ah Doctor. Good to see you! Who's that girl?"
"This is Lyra. She is a magicians assistant and my companion."
"Miss Lyra." The commander saluted her.
"Thanks." Lyra seemed a bit confused.
"I here you have a Silurian problem, Commander!" Interrupted the Doctor.
"Yes." He handed the Doctor an ADRIC pod. The ADRIC pods were just like IPods but was manufactured by the Cyrus Institute. "There is video evidence on this device."
The Doctor fast forwarded through the video. "I wonder why they took that cow?"
"Not important Doctor." Replied Troy. "What is important though is that we find them."
"Why do we want to find them?"
"So we can imprison them."
"Why not?"
"Because that would only cause them to attack us."
"What do you suggest we do then Doctor?"
"Break into their lair and talk to them."
"About what?"
"Why they took the cow."
Lyra laughed whilst the commander scowled. "What would you honestly talk to them about though?"
"What they are up to."
"Well then, we shall arrange for you and Lyra to go and meet them."
A few hours later, the Doctor and Lyra were being driven to a drilling site. They were directed to a mining shaft with a state of the art lift system. The Doctor stepped onto the platform and pulled Lyra on with him, "Are you sure this is safe, Doctor?"
"Not really. Just remember not to provoke them. The Silurians have fears which can be easily used against them but that should only be a last resort."
With that, the Doctor activated the lift and they flew down into a subterranean metropolis.
They were instantly blasted by the heat and met by a couple of Lizard people. Lyra was amazed and didn't know what to say. The first Silurian spoke in a confusing babble of tones. 
"Ah." Said The Doctor.
"What?" Asked Lyra. 
"We don't have the Tardis."
"It normally translates things but not this time."
"How can we talk to them then?"
"I'll have to translate the conversations. I'm about to say. 'Take us to your leader.'"
The Doctor spoke the mysterious babble followed by the Silurians leading them to a hall in which their leader waited.
In the middle of the golden hall, a lizard wearing scarlet robes sat in a high chair in the centre of the room. "Hello!" Shouted the Doctor. "Don't worry Lyra! There is a translator over there."
The Translator told the king something and then said something to the Doctor, "He wants to know why we are here."  The Doctor said something back.
More babbling and the Doctor said, "They laugh at our cheek for coming. I'm going to ask them what the book under the kings chair is." 
The Doctor said something in Silurian. "Apparently it's Sherlock Holmes. I'm going to ask him if he wouldn't mind talking English for a bit." The Doctor babbled.
"No." Answered the Silurian.
"Good." Replied the Doctor. 
"What do you want?"
"I have a question."
"Ask it."
"The last time I was here I made you go to asleep for ten thousand years. It's been ten. Why wake up now?"
"There is a Silurian Ark on it's way to Earth."
"So? Why don't you let it land?"
"Because," The king stopped as a bullet flew through the air and hit him directly in the neck. He fell onto the floor in agony and started to sleep for eternity.
"What!" Cried the Doctor! He ran over to the dying lizard and tried to help him when the guards were pulling him back. 
"What's going on Doctor?" Shouted Lyra as she was handcuffed. 
"They think we killed him."
"How could we have killed him?"
"That's what I said!"
They were pulled across the subterranean metropolis and thrown into some cells. They were half way across when the Doctor purposely tripped over, his hat falling off. He grabbed the hat and placed back onto his head as he was kicked towards the cells. The doors were bolted and the Doctor sat down on one of the chairs. 
"You promised me adventure Doctor. You didn't promise me being locked in a cell under the Earth in some where hotter than Greece."
"I'm sorry Lyra but it would seem someone wants to stop the ark from landing."
"Why would they want to do that?"
"I don't know."
"God it's  hot in here!"
"That's it!"
"The crew of the Ark must have had been killed. For some reason the Silurians got attacked. The crew get killed. The attackers have hold over the ark."
"I don't understand. What's an ark?"
"Haven't you ever  heard of Noah?"
"Of course! Noah builds an ark to transport all sorts of animals away from a dying planet. Oh."
"But why would you ambush them?"
"Because the Silurians love all species. They would never see them hurt."
"Right so?"
"So, the Silurians get a coded message. They start to decipher it and find a threat. It says, 'Give us an Ark of things from this Earth in exchange of our Ark. The Silurian king does so and is about to send it up when a Silurian who doesn't agree assassinates him. So far so obvious."
"Obvious? How did you work any of that out?"
"One second. Just let me think. Ah yes. Oh no."
"The Master."
"It must be the Master who sent them the message."
"Explain Doctor!"
"The Master sent the message to the Silurians. It must of have been the Master because the only language the Silurians can't translate by mind is Galifreyan."
"How did you know they couldn't solve the language by mind?"
"Because the computers are working at full blast. All of them!"
"How do you know that?"
"Because it's incredibly hot because of the overpower use of computers and the fact that a group of highly intelligent lizards can't use a basic computerized lock on a cell door because all the technology is being faced towards deciphering the code."
"How do you know  what the message says?"
"The news show you were watching this morning mentioned the disappearance of several humans and the drop in crop growth. The drop in crop growth isn't natural, it's because the Silurians are taking samples to put on their Ark. Same with the Humans."
"How can we solve this problem then?"
"Don't know. Still working on it. Now then, what we need to do is get out."
"How are we going to do that?"
"Help me up." The doctor outstretched the hand he normally had his contraption on. It wasn't there now but Lyra thought nothing of it.
"Thanks. Do you remember when I fell over and my hat came off?"
"Well did you notice that before that I had my contraption on? And then after it wasn't?"
"Well that's because I used sleight of hand to sneak it under my hat." The Doctor pulled his hat off and revealed the contraption- or his 'sonic screwdriver'- that he had hidden beneath it. He opened the door with the power from it and they ran out. The Doctor stuck is finger out into the air and started walking in a random direction. He led Lyra through a long list of endless corridors until they got to a room with a lot of computers in it. It had a control panel with bits and pieces on it and there was a large computer screen on the back. The Doctor sat down in a large leather armchair and gestured for Lyra to do the same for the other. She did so and they looked forward at the screen. The Doctor activated one of the buttons and the screen flickered into life. It showed all sorts of readings and information from sort of aeroplane.
Or maybe it was a spaceship.
"You played that strange video game thing didn't you Lyra?"
"If you mean the one where you fly a plane, yes. Until you took the Xbox and put it in whatever you’re building."
"Good. Now, imagine what we're about to do is just like that." The Doctor handed Lyra a futuristic controller and pressed a button on it. The screen came up with the graphics from the computer game Lyra plays. 
"Where do I go?"
"Go forward until you get to sign saying 'Doc'"
The Doctor shot energy from his contraption at the screen and it started to add different controls onto display.
"Ok. Go right for a bit."
"Stop in five seconds starting now!"
Five seconds later and Lyra stopped it. As she did this a swirling mix of power surrounded them and when it disappeared she was in a completely different place. It looked like the bridge of the USS enterprise.
"The Silurian Ark." Muttered the Doctor.
"Won't the Master be here?"
"No. Well not if we're quick."
He started to click buttons and flick switch's. Light's activated and screens flared into life. The Doctor kicked something and suddenly the controlling area stopped working. "That was me disabling the manual pilot mode."
The Doctor typed something into a screen. "And that me was sending this away from Earth."
Suddenly a couple of lights blew up. "What was that Doctor?" Asked Lyra.
"The teleports failing."
"How are we going to get back-" She was cut off by looking out of the large window down at Earth. It's majesty was present as ever and Lyra, with her eyes wide open, became part of a bunch of very few people to ever have seen the Earth in all it's glory.
"Do you like the view Lyra?" Asked the Doctor activated a switch saying, 'gravitational tunnel beaming'.   
"Good, cause we're gonna get close to it."
The Doctor sent a bolt from his contraption at the window and it flew forward. 
"Well then," said the Doctor, "Deinceps!"
The Doctor launched himself through the window and started falling through space. Lyra didn't realise but the Doctor had grabbed her hand. She came with him.
They were falling through space and then suddenly they entered the planets atmosphere. They fell faster and faster until they hit some water. It would have had been more relaxing to hit into some brick walls.
"Yeah. It's Latin for Onwards."
"Oh. Where are we?"
"We're in the Unit aquatic centre."
"Did you plan that?"
"Ah Doctor." Announced Commander Troy, "Thought I might find you hiding in a swimming pool!
Can we blow up the Silurians now?"
The Ark had flown off into space and wouldn't be bothering them for a while. The Doctor promised not to throw anyone out of planes and into swimming pools ever again and Lyra decided that playing video games could help protect the planet against alien invasions.
The End.

The Doctor and Lyra will return in 'Advance of the Cybermen.' 

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