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Terror of the Bionicnauts

Lyra, Adric and K9 were standing in a room completely surrounded by the Bionicnauts. They could see no way out and that their death was likely to happen any second. "Deinceps!" Cried the Doctor  and he disappeared. "He's abandoned us." Whispered Lyra. "He must have had some sort of teleport-y thing."
"He wouldn't have had just abandoned us. He wouldn't have."
The Bionicnauts walked forward and then prepared to grab them. Lyra and Adric closed their eyes whilst K9 just turned off. "Get them!" Cried Twenty Seven- who seemed to be quite important.
The Bionicnauts rushed forwards and attempted to grab the human, the Alzerian and the Robot dog. Then the cold of the scrapyard ship stopped. They were enveloped inside a warm air, the vibrating of the floor had stopped and they could hear a strange humming. Lyra widened her eyes just a little and saw a book case. She opened her eyes and saw she was standing inside the Tardis. The Doctor was rushing around the console with sparks exploding from each and every panel. "How did you do that?" Demanded Lyra, as she was thrown across the room.
"K9's objective was to bring the Tardis here. The Tardis had arrived but the only thing anybody noticed was the Bionicnauts being brought to life. I entered the Tardis and then used a rudimentary transmat to bring you three here. Hold on!"
The Tardis shook and a crack appeared on the time column. The Doctor spun a wheel at the bottom of the console as the crack disappeared. The Doctor flipped the organic diagnostics switch on the diagnostics panel and the screen displayed some spirals. "Adric, get to the navigation panel, start inputting numbers. Work stuff out and that. Lyra, activate K9, then monitor the monitor, if you will. Tell me if any low numbers or triangles come up!"
Adric rushed to the correct panel and inserted several figures into the typewriter display. Lyra wacked K9 and then pressed a few of the wrecked buttons. When his viewing plate lit up, Lyra started keeping an eye on the monitor. "Do you require my assistance Master?" Asked K9.
The Doctor pulled several levers and then replied,  "Yes. Attack yourself to the mainframe and when I say now, deactivate the gravity."
"Are you sure master?"
"Yes. Can you do that for me?"
"Good dog."
"Doctor!" Interrupted Lyra, "There's a triangle with a one in it."
"Right. When it turns yellow, tell me."
Five seconds later, "now!"
"Now, K9!"
K9's engines whirred and then all of a sudden they weren't standing any more. Adric hovered about three inches above the floor. Lyra was floating upside down and the Doctor was hanging out from the console. "Hold on!"
The time column turned red and the Tardis flipped over and then over again, rotating so the whole room was upside down. When the yellow triangle had disappeared, the Doctor had asked K9 to restore the gravity. Once the gravity was back on, the Doctor hit the door control and the doors burst open. "Outside those doors is the year five thousand! We step out and there will be enough technology surrounding us to completely fix K9. Out with you then!"
They walked out to be greeted by a control room. Their were computers and other devices sitting around and a gigantic wheel sat at the end of the room in front of a large glass sheet. Every couple of minutes a gas valve exploded above head and  they ducked scared. The Doctor sat down in a big leather chair in front of the wheel and hummed. "This isn't the year five thousand."
"What?" Exclaimed Lyra.
"It's not our intended destination."
"Where are we then?"
"Exactly where we were. Just a few floors up."
"How come?"
"It was extremely hard to land in here. Therefore, it's logical to presume it will be hard escaping."
"Doctor," shouted Adric, barely taking his eyes off the screen he was staring at.
"You need to look at this."
The Doctor rushed over and looked at the screen. Displayed there was a schematic of the scrapyard ship. Their were little dots on floor ten, twenty or so red and the rest- about a hundred- blue. The blue ones were hurrying towards a stairwell that obviously was leading to their floor. The Doctor grabbed several things, which he stuff into his pockets, and ran towards the dispenser where the Tardis had landed. The dispenser was behind a pair of doors so the Doctor pressed the button and the doors opened after a couple of seconds. The dispenser was nowhere to be seen. "Damn!" Cried Adric. 
"Adric, get a quick look at that screen and work out where the dispenser has gone to."
"Why can't K9 just call it here?" Asked Lyra.
"Insufficient power mistress." Spoke K9.
"It's on the bottom floor Doctor," answered Adric.
"Damn. How about the Bionicnauts?"
"About ninety seconds until they burst through those doors."
"Right. Right. Cover your eyes." The Doctor pressed the door button and they closed. Then he soniced the button and kicked the doors several times until they fell in about a mile down.
There was a wire present in front of them. "Jump on!"
"What about K9?"
"Do you still have your stair mode?"
"Yes master."
"You go in hovering down and then we'll swing down after you."
They swung down onto the doors that had fallen. The shaft had stopped on the Bionicnauts floor which was a floor above the one they needed to get to. When they walked onto it, K9 shut down. 
"Poor dog. Must have had run out of juice." The Doctor muttered whilst he looked around.
"What do you think these plans mean?" Asked Lyra.
"They seem to be plans for invasion." Replied Adric thoughtfully.
"What do you mean by invasion?" Asked the Doctor.
"I don't know. I just think these files and plans look like they're describing battle plans."
"That is a very good point."
"I've found some blue prints." Said Lyra.
"Let's have a look."
Lyra passed them over.
The Bionicnauts arrived at the top floor and saw it was empty. They looked around and then saw the open elevator shaft. They jumped down it and onto the dropped doors. One by one they piled into their base room.
"The natural and his accomplices are missing. We proceed with the plans."
"And what brilliant plans they are." Whispered a voice, new and ancient at the same time.
The Bionicnauts jumped back in fear.
"Your crimes are worthy of terrible punishments."
The Bionicnauts were terrified.
"You plan to invade the planet this ship is currently orbiting."
"You. You know nothing of our plans."
"I know everything of your plans. I can see inside your mind, I clamber between your darkest thoughts."
"You know nothing disembodied voice!"
"That is what you think. I know you intend to rob the people of that planet of their homes and technologies by teleporting the chemicals, that transforms broken technologies into yourself, into their reservoirs along with an automated insect, such as the Cybermite, that will destroy the technologies used in this area. Therefore everywhere the chemical and insect goes, new Bionicnauts will be created."
"Maybe you do know but you can't stop us! Activate the process!"
A teleporting device activated and the process took place. "Oh I wouldn't have done that if I were you!"
The voice was coming from the man in the stereotypical magician outfit standing in the fog that surrounded where the king and nine would normally emerge.
"Why shouldn't we have done that?"
"Because I reversed the process. Now, the insects will fix things, the chemicals won't do anything and actually the teleportation activation is the most stupid thing you could possibly have had done."
"Because it drains lots of electricity. You set it to drain lights and none essential things.  I rewired it to drive off the engine and vital supplies."
"You're bluffing."
"I'm really not."
"Well if we're about to die, then you can come with us! Kill him!"
All the Bionicnauts raced to kill him. The Doctor simply stood on the platform as it lowered down, away from them. "Always mind your surroundings!"
Once the platform had turned off, the Doctor walked across to Adric, Lyra and K9 and they travelled to the Tardis. "They're all going to die." Whimpered Lyra.
"Yes and no."
"What do you mean?"
"Yes they will die. But not because of us."
The Doctor started to dematerialise the Tardis. "The reason we struggled to land is because this is a fixed point in time. The fixed point is because of the creation of a meteorite that acts as that planets moon. When the gravity of the scrapyard ship fails, the ship will be whipped up into an asteroid storm and then the asteroids will stick together around it and then trap them in the core of a new moon. They'll live but won't be able to escape."
"Did you know?"
"I'm sorry?"
"Did you know when you syphoned the energy of the ship into the teleporter?"
"I had my suspicions."
"What about the soldiers of solitude?"
"They were teleported to the planet. I sorted it for them."
"Thank you Doctor."
"For what?"
"Saving the day."
The Doctor didn't answer, he just continued flying the Tardis.
"Where are we going Doctor?" Asked Adric after a while.
"Back to Earth I think."

The Doctor, Lyra, Adric and K9 will return in: The Globe to the Reptuswan.    

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