Monday, 14 October 2013

REDD: Storm Wings (part 4)

Ruedalow kicked the bars but it was no use. "How do you think we can get out of here?"
"The bars look like they could do with quite a lot of pressure to get us out."
"Well that's a bit annoying. Looks like we're dinner then!"
"You could always, you know. Hyde out?"
"No way! And I only carry limited Jekklyde on me at any one time."
"Ok. Just a suggestion."
"Who do you think those men were?"
"Probably dragon keepers. Lesser dragons always seek to hang around Night Wyverns and I imagine the riders were just pulled along."
"Ah right. Is the chain Aridlium?"- the material that blocks magic.
"I don't think so."
"Good." Out of his pocket, Ruedalow pulled a stick.
"Where'd you get that?"
"I have friends in the Alcanvein Antlers. Close you eyes." Ruedalow flicked the stick and a ball of red light melted the chain.
"Always been a Mortlock Marauders man myself but I feel my allegiance swaying."
"And who could blame you? Pick the lock. We need to get out of here."
"Alright but we get the dragon eggs first!"
"Do we have to?" Whined Ruedalow like a school child.
"Of course! It would be a waste of time coming in here if we weren't going to get it!"
Ruedalow sighed and then they exited the cave. They collected their torches off a rock by the side and then ran. They came into a big open room and saw the scaled wyvern lying next to a nest of eggs. Ruedalow retrieved his gun and crept over. His first move was to pick up the eggs and stuff three of them into his pocket. There were another three eggs but he couldn't pick any up as there wasn't enough room in his pockets. "Emery. Get the rest. I don't have room." He whispered.
Emery nodded and then clambered over the rocks towards the nest but paused when suddenly a gasp crawled out of the dragons nose. They froze for a few seconds and then carried on picking up the eggs.
"What on Earth do you think you're doing?!" Cried a voice belonging to a dragon rider at the back.
"Run!" Cried Ruedalow. They jumped from the golden island on which the dragon slept and ran. Bullets flew past them as the dragon riders retaliated and then the wyverns eye burst open and a burst of fire scorched our heroes backs. Ruedalow spun on the spot, shooting back at the dragon riders.
"We need to get out of the sewers. It's a miracle a bullet hasn't hit us yet!"
A bullet cut open Emery's leg but it healed instantaneously. "Good point."
 They ran a bit further and then jumped up to pull themselves out of the sewers. They scrambled up onto their feet and then fell as a gust of wind emitted from the wyverns mouth tossed them back.
The Wyvern itself was clawing itself out of the sewers and had dark lightning and fire in between it's jaws.
"It's going to kill us!" Cried Emery.
"It'll kill me! You'll come back straight away!"
"Good point. Nice knowing you Professor."
"Same to you Doctor."
They closed their eyes and waited for death.
There was an explosion and Ruedalow opened his eyes. The dragon was nowhere to be seen, replaced purely by a bolt of dust. Mrs Tailor was stood behind them with a wand in hand, gently brushing her hair.
"Was he going with you? If so, I'm sorry he's dead. Didn't seem very nice though."
"I thought you could have done that. That's why I've got these eggs. I'm going to breed a whole new race!" Cried Emery in reply.
Ruedalow slapped his forehead. Some people never learn.

Two weeks later they were at the base and were gently flicking through the mass of letters they were sent each day. The one they chose was a report of suspicion at the Asgardian Circus. And dodgy happenings in the untempered void...    

Monday, 7 October 2013

REDD: Storm Wings (part 3)

Ruedalow peered down at the open sewage hatch. "To think they wash in this stuff."
"Good job we installed clean water eh! Not really looking forward to going in there though."
"But it's in the name of scientific endeavors!" Retorted the professor.
"Exactly how is exploring sewers a scientific endeavor?"
"Helps pay the rent. And anyway, you may find some new mold or something."
"Here we go then." They slowly climbed over the edges and their feet entered the sludge.
"Is it too late to quit being a scientist." Asked Ruedalow.
Something ran over Emery's foot. "What was that?"
"Actually I don't want to know."
"Who could blame you? Which way do you want to go?"
"That way," he pointed straight on,"but let's stick together."
"Ok. Torches out."
They both drew some 1920s adventurer style torches- perks of being a time traveler- and walked through the sludge until the darkness was surrounding them completely apart from the thin shafts of light coming from their silver torches. The sewers were horrible and the smell was pungent. Almost as bad as the Thames. That was the only problem with living underneath the Hungerford Market, you were on the shores of a river that was having sewage pumped into it everyday. Luckily, magic wasn't one for allowing practitioners to suffer from bad hygiene and nasty smells so it was normally a good idea to cast a nice smell charm. I really hope I don't need to explain what a nice smell charm is.
 They continued to trudge through the sewage and then the floor became dry. They stopped for a second and stamped their shoes a few time to knock the sewage off. They carried on walking and then they knocked over a pile of coins. Emery shot his beam down and revealed a stack of engraved golden discs. "I believe we've probably just entered the dragons cave." Muttered Emery.
Before Ruedalow could reply, he felt his arms be grabbed by some humanoid shape from behind. His torch dropped.
He loved that torch.
He pulled both of his arms free then punched the man in the face. He was wearing some kind of ceremonial robe. Before Ruedalow could make a witty remark- or say something along the lines of 'Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow'- they were pulled down and tied up with a chain. Then they were dragged across the gold and then thrown into a cage. "I'm surprised  they didn't say a witty remark like, 'You're invented to be lunch' or something. You don't get villains like you used to." Muttered Emery.
"Or like you will."