Monday, 8 July 2013

Gravity Chasers 4: The Event Horizon

Ark walked into the Chimneair Observatory and sat down at the table. Will and Liz came to sit at his sides and Quintus- with Squawker on his shoulder- stood behind them. Professor Jacob Worminhulk, Balthazar, his son, and their assistant Lyra sat at the other end.
"You said you were a time traveller, Professor Worminhulk?" Inquired Ark.
"No. I just said I was a time travel extrodinares."
"Is that not a time traveller?"
"No. We've been working on time travel for a very long time but we haven't gone so far as to travel in time ourselves."
"So how do you know you're extrodinares?"
"We've been sending objects back in time. For example, there is a special drink that only lasts an hour and can only be created at midday. So we created the drink at midday and sent it back in time for me to drink at eleven o clock."
"Right. Could you do a demonstration for us?"
"Of course! What would you have us send back in time?"
Ark turned to Will and Liz and they spoke briefly. Will then walked to the back of the observatory and brought a key back. It was an exact replica of the one they found in the beginning which allowed them into the observatory in the first place. "This please."
"Any particular date?"
"Yes." Shouted Liz. "Twenty past Three on the Thirteenth of October 1896."
"Why that date?" Asked Will.
"It was when we found the key to the observatory originally. It just appeared on the table remember."
"If I could just point out," spoke Quintus, "but you'll be needing coordinates."
"What is that?" Asked the professor.
"I'm Quintus thank you. I am an automaton created by Arks father. I can talk using the vinyl   discs I store in this bag."
"What amazing technology. Carry on Quintus."
"The coordinates you need are the following: 48 degrees 51' 37.22" N, 2 degrees 20' 15.35" E."
"Thank you." Said Balthazar. He and Lyra had been setting out some equipment which mainly consisted of a platform, with a metal ring above and a small screen with some keyboards.
Balthazar typed the information in and put the keys on the platform. He clicked a button and it started to surround the keys with a blue light. The light switched off and the keys disappeared. They were no longer in this current time.
"They should now be in the location you have decided on."
"Wow." Said Will.
"Now can we get to business?" Asked the professor.
"Yes. I have an offer for you."

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Scarlett (part 4)

I started to dress the floor with cloth as Little John found a large circle of wood which he put on top of the table. He pushed a nail through the wooden circle's hole. It broke through and suspended the table top on the barrel. My uncle was out, gathering food, and it was just me and Little John in our new lodgings. I could feel a banging on our floor, it would seem some people were fighting beneath.  After I finished laying the cloth, I relit some of the candles which had blown out. Then I opened a chest and put my weapons into it. I was just about to sit down on one of the bar stools when Little John threw a cauldron at me. "Go fill this with water."
I took it and headed down to the Fountain Abbey, so called because it was a fountain where religious sermons took place. It was the best place to get clean water for free in the whole of the Sherwood estate.
I dropped my cauldron in, pulled it out and walked back to the attics. Walking up the rickety metal stair case to the side, carefully making sure not to allow the water to splosh over the sides, I looked out at the Nottingham bank. I was surprised when I saw a man in a raggedy cloth standing to the side of the building, accepting a file from a woman who was there with him. The man jumped down as another gentlemen came to join the woman. How strange!
I carried on up to the top and spoke to Little John as he put the cauldron over a fire place. I was just about to tell him what I had seen when Robin ran in.
"Hey Robin you'll never believe what I  just sa-" I noticed the file in his hand and the raggedy cloth he wore. "Oh."
"I've got some food. Make me a soup will you Little John, as I have a guest coming." He handed him some food.
"Who's the guest?"
"The lady who gave me this file. She is the head maid in Nottingham bank."
"I'd like to meet her." He replied.
"Well say hello!" Robin gestured to the door where a women wearing a typical maids outfit was waiting.
"Say hello to Miss  Marion!"

Scarlett will return.
"Funny you should sk.