Big Thanks

Big Thanks to Bispham Endowed! As my old primary school, most of my inspiration and a lot of what I know came from it. More importantly, however, they received me most graciously last Friday. After listening to a few extracts from my various projects, including some from this blog, they asked a series of stretching and challenging questions! Thanks for having me, Endoweders, I love every second!

Big thanks to the wonderful, @LegendofLester- otherwise known as Robin K. He helped me to come up with many of the key concepts for the Professors Nightmare and almost the entire creation of one of the characters for A Yuletide Horror. Thanks very much, Robin!

Big thanks to my good friend Ting Ting. Not only did she help me with the Chinese words at the end of The Corpse Quartet, but also provided the Chinese Piggy Bank Mentioned. Ro, the piggy bank, happily lives in my book case on the top of a box of Jeremy Strong Books.

Big Thanks to my two history teachers, Mr James and Mr Emery, Mr James for providing the name of this blog and to Mr Emery for providing not only an almost obsessive interest in history, but a name for Professor Ruedalow's immortal employer in the REDD adventures

Also, thanks to my Dad for his wonderful technical details. A majority of the technicalities on this blog are a byproduct of his knowledge. For harpoons, cars and planes, thanks Dad!

Big Thanks to my Computer Science teacher, Mr Morris for promoting my blog throughout the lesson. It's much appreciated.

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