Sunday, 13 May 2018

An End To Volume One

Well, it's been a ride. I started this blog aged 11, without a clue how to write well and trying to balance a weekly blogging schedule with the rigours of my first year at High School... and now, here we are. I'm 17, I'm at Sixth Form and I'm saying goodbye.

We've solved mysteries together, rode airships, discovered haunted typewriters and murderous umbrellas. 337,342 words have been written, over a £100 has been raised for a mental health charity and this website has had nearly 21,000 hits! Kids have ridden cows, I brought one of my best friend's art to life, and now I'm saying goodbye.

Thank you so much to anyone who has taken some time to read this blog. You're all beautiful (except for you) and incredibly patient for putting up with the constant SPAG errors. And if, somehow, you enjoyed it all, I have good news. Although I'm saying goodbye, it's not all over. Oh no. This is only the end of the Cultured Yeti Volume One. Volume Two is just getting going.

I hereby invite you to The Cultured Yeti Volume Two! A more professional blog for a more professional writer. There'll still be adventures and magic and, hell, there's already been one airship at the time of writing, but it's time for a new cosmos of possibilities now I'm older. And so we find ourselves in Volume Two. So, please, enjoy. I hope you like it.

Once more, thank you for reading. This chapter might be closing, but the story goes on. Forever.

(Yes, that was a quote from the Sarah Jane Adventures. Deal with it.)

Luke Bateman

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