Monday, 29 April 2013

Gravity Chasers 3: Unto the abyss (part 3)

The Diary of Ark Chimneair  documenting a descent down to the bottom of the sea.
Day 5

I wish someone could cook things that isn't beans.

Ark climbed into the airlock. He peered into the gloom where Liz was already standing. He climbed in and hurried over to the diving suit. They had arrived in the sunken remains of their city an hour earlier  and it took them that long to eat their meal and convince Ark to go with Liz. Once they had convinced him, Liz and Ark climbed into the airlock and donned the diving suits. The diving suits were large copper suits that had large bowl like helmets and only a thin piece of glass to look through. They also had two hours worth of oxygen and a Morse code emitter so they could communicate with Will who was in the sub. Once they were in the airlock, Will bolted the door close and then started to allow water into the room. Slowly cold water swept around their copper clad feet and then up and up until their whole body were enveloped in the freezing cold liquid. Once they were submerged with the water, the pod clicked open and they were released unto the abyss.
Ark started to scramble across the rocky pathway and was soon tired. Liz, however, managed to float through the air towards the sunken remains of Charles Chimneairs forgotten laboratory. When they had arrived there, they had to knock down the moulding rotten wood door. By this  time, an hour had passed. They hurriedly swam towards the main room. When they got there Ark hurried straight over to the drawer that his father kept his keys in. Sure enough there was a mysterious key that for some reason, glowed. He kept that in a special pocket area and then returned to Liz who was in the corridor. By this time they had only fifteen minutes until there oxygen ran out.
They quickly hurried back to the submarine but lost oxygen from their frantic actions. As they climbed into the airlock and watched it be emptied. They took off their helmets just as the last of their oxygen ran out.
They climbed out of their underwater armour and looked at each other then at the door. They climbed back into the warm body of the submarine and the silence of returning to a home like place was broken only by Will saying, "To a far away planet sir?"

Monday, 22 April 2013

Gravity Chasers 3: Unto The Abyss (part 2)

Diary of Ark Chimneair documenting a descent down to the bottom of the sea.
Day 3.
Currently on a diet of Beans and bread. Not very tasty.

Upon entering the submarine, they had previously bought, you were confronted with a small room that would probably torture a person who suffered from claustrophobia. This room was airlocked and had two underwater breathing suits in it. On the other side of the room was a thin corridor at the far side of which was a revolving chair  that was positioned in front of a control panel- of gears, wheels and levers- and  a glass window that allowed you to witness what was outside. There was also a writing cabinet and an outside defence and offence weapon system controller. If you were to look up you would see a ladder system that can be pulled down and then climbed up to get onto the second deck. The second deck had another glass window that allowed you to observe the world outside and then a bunk bed in front of it. To the side of the trapdoor, if you will, was a cooking unit and a refrigeration system. At the back was a toilet hidden behind a musty green curtain. It was at the downstairs control panel that Will sat as he stared out into the gloominess of the sea. Ark was at the writing desk, writing his diary about what he was eating and Liz was upstairs catching some shuteye. As the metal cylinder crept through the slow and dark drape of wet particles, the team were surprised by a sudden scraping sound outside. Ark ran straight to the port hole and pushed his face up against the glass which slowly fogged. He could barely see anything but he could make out basic shapes. By the looks of things there was a rock trapping the bottom of the submarine. So they didn't waste oxygen the team had decided to only talk should they really need to and signal the rest of the time. Ark signalled towards the door suggesting he go out and move the stone.
Will shook his head and merely beckoned towards the weapon machine.
Ark walked over and surveyed the buttons deciding on which weapon to use. The machines interface was set out in a grid of: Bottom and Top. And then to the side: Right and Left.
He chose (Bottom: Left) and clicked on the explosive button. An explosion let off underneath the sub crumbling the rock and then releasing a great deal of bubbles which swiftly moved up. The sub moved forwards onto the sunken remains of the teams lost home. 

Monday, 15 April 2013

Gravity Chasers 3: Unto The Abyss

"Brace yourselves!" Cried Will as he pulled the material wings back to create drag therefore slowing the impending action of the vessel crashing.
"I'll release the drag chute!" Shouted Liz from somewhere in the back room where she and a penguin/parrot- renamed Squawker- where busily lumping large sheets tied together into the washing machine like release mechanism.
"I'll activate the dampers!" Announced Ark from the lower room where he and an automaton, called Quintus, were busily coating the deployable landing gear with cloth.
"Ahh!" They all cried as the vessel crashed onto the and rock covered beach which had become their destination.
Let me explain: When their home was blown into the clouds, a man called Charles Chimneair- Arks father- built a series of air machines. Soon after he disappeared and Ark, Liz and Will, with Quintus the automaton, set out trying to find him. Along the way they had had a run in with a group of iron lords, found a bag of vinyl discs and adopted a penguin who believed he was a parrot. When they eventually arrived on a far away planet they found Charles imprisoned under a large amount of rocks. The key to his freedom was a set of plans that were hidden in a waterproof box in the suken town that used to be their home. Now their flying vessel could be adapted to travel in space, and in the air and to land on the sea but it couldn't go underwater. So where was the best place to buy a submarine? Well the submarine port at Dogrevey bay, where else?
Anyway, after an extremely bumpy ride, the children laid anchor. Will, who had been elected captain, began by stating all the jobs. "Ark, you are to gather together all the money we have and at least three valuables to trade with. Liz, collect the potholing equipment according to Quintus we have to climb through a cave. Quintus, stay aboard and make sure no vandals attack it whilst we're gone. Squawks, stay here, we'll have limited oxygen ourselves and we don't need to waste anymore on an undecided species creature. Everyone understand?"
"Aye aye captain!"
A couple of hours later, the youngsters- clad in potholing gear- climbed out of the vessel and towards a cave where a sign hung saying 'Emporium of Aquatic Equipment'  Into the cave they walked until about halfway through they were starting to walk up. Bit by bit they edged up the rocky walkway. Wills hair fell before his eyes and had he not taken the oppurtunity to brush it from his face, he would have fell down a twenty foot cliff. Tightening their ropes to the rock face, they abseiled down taking a moment to admire the view. Arriving at the bottom they were welcomed into a small cove where a man was busily surveying the submarines that sat on small estuary's leading towards the sea. Ark walked straight over to this man who was wearing a tatty brown coat and a pair of swimming goggles. "I would like to purchase your cheapest submarine. please."
"Ok, and would sir be wanting oxygen or supplying his own?"
"Ok.  And will sir be  requiring diving suits?"
"How much."
"Five thousand pounds?"
"I'll give you four thousand and an antique hunting rifle."

The three children gathered in there new means of transport and descending unto the abyss! 

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Bakers Dozen (part four)

"Yes it's all our homework." Said Sam.
"Me, Sam here and our friend Annie who had to take her pet monkey home." Continued Esme.
"Honestly? Show me some evidence then?" Demanded the officer.
"Sure." Said Sam. Out of his bag he pulled a filed document with a lot of writing on and some pictures.
"I did all this writing." Said Esme who was rubbing the callas on her middle finger from when she was writing earlier in the cafe.
"And I took the pictures." Said Sam remembering when he quick changed the lady in the hospital shop, using the camera as his pound starting point.
"What did Annie do then?"Asked the officer.
"Conned and gave the money back to the marks."
"How do I know your telling the truth?"
"Because tommorow morning you can go and call all the marks and ask them. Here are the phone numbers."
"You'll have to stay in the cell then until we can confirm it."
Sure enough the next moning they called the 10 marks and found out they all got their money back. Sam and Esme were released and made their way back to the circus where Annie and- hopefully- the adults would be waiting.

"In the future," Said Albert Baker, the eldest and head of the family. "Don't use me and the other nine adults as your get out of jail free card!"
"Sorry Grandad."
"So you should be! Now tell me, what kind of profit did you make?"

And so it was that an apprentice escapologist, a budding magician, an excellent engineer and a performing primate became con artists.

Bakers Dozen (part 3)

Sam sat in the cafe and so did Esme who was busily scribiling something down onto a piece of paper. Annie was at the hospital collecting Mister Monkey who had woken up from his coma. Sure enough, the monkey and his owner walked in. They made there way to the table and sat down.
"What do you suppose we do now?" Asked Annie who was tickiling the ape under his chin.
"Monkey Man is going to help."
"I've tried training him to pick pockets but it doesn't work."
"So how does he help?"
"Con 1- played by Annie-  walks into a cafe or bar with Monkey. Then she says to waitress or bar tender, 'Can you look after my monkey whilst I go to the bank. I'm in some money trouble.' The mark says 'yes' and leaving Monkey in the bar. Con 2- played by Esme- goes in and says 'That monkey is worth £50, will you sell it to me?' To which the mark replies, 'No. But give me your number and I'll get back to you.' Con 1 comes back and says, 'I've got no money left, I could really do with some dosh!' To which the mark pays £10. You leave with ten pounds. The bar tendercalls the number but then, Con 3- that's me- comes in and says 'At last you've found my monkey!' In reply the bartender says, 'I just payed for this!' To which Con 3 replies, 'You bought off the black market! I'm calling the police' Worried the mark says, 'Tell you what how about I give you the monkey and a little money to make you happy?' Con 3 says 'sure' and gets Monkey and another ten pound. Understand?"
The girls nodded.
"Lets do this."
For the rest of the evening they conned every cafe and bar in town until finally they hit the target amount. Annie and Mr Monkey went to have the adults sorted out and Esme and Sam carried on working. Well, they thought, might as well make a profit!
That was when disaster struck.
The man that Sam was quick changing turned out to be an undercover police officer. He dragged Sam and Esme- who had been pickpocketing him- down to the station. They were thrown into the interviewing room and told that they had the rights to say nothing but anyting relied upon in court could be used against them. They were asked a few questions and then the officer said, "Is there anything you would like to say?"
Esme looked at Sam. Sam looked at Esme.
"Well actually."