Thursday, 11 April 2013

Bakers Dozen (part four)

"Yes it's all our homework." Said Sam.
"Me, Sam here and our friend Annie who had to take her pet monkey home." Continued Esme.
"Honestly? Show me some evidence then?" Demanded the officer.
"Sure." Said Sam. Out of his bag he pulled a filed document with a lot of writing on and some pictures.
"I did all this writing." Said Esme who was rubbing the callas on her middle finger from when she was writing earlier in the cafe.
"And I took the pictures." Said Sam remembering when he quick changed the lady in the hospital shop, using the camera as his pound starting point.
"What did Annie do then?"Asked the officer.
"Conned and gave the money back to the marks."
"How do I know your telling the truth?"
"Because tommorow morning you can go and call all the marks and ask them. Here are the phone numbers."
"You'll have to stay in the cell then until we can confirm it."
Sure enough the next moning they called the 10 marks and found out they all got their money back. Sam and Esme were released and made their way back to the circus where Annie and- hopefully- the adults would be waiting.

"In the future," Said Albert Baker, the eldest and head of the family. "Don't use me and the other nine adults as your get out of jail free card!"
"Sorry Grandad."
"So you should be! Now tell me, what kind of profit did you make?"

And so it was that an apprentice escapologist, a budding magician, an excellent engineer and a performing primate became con artists.

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  1. Ah, those quick-witted scoundrels! I think someone had been watching The Real Hustle...:-)