Thursday, 11 April 2013

Bakers Dozen (part 3)

Sam sat in the cafe and so did Esme who was busily scribiling something down onto a piece of paper. Annie was at the hospital collecting Mister Monkey who had woken up from his coma. Sure enough, the monkey and his owner walked in. They made there way to the table and sat down.
"What do you suppose we do now?" Asked Annie who was tickiling the ape under his chin.
"Monkey Man is going to help."
"I've tried training him to pick pockets but it doesn't work."
"So how does he help?"
"Con 1- played by Annie-  walks into a cafe or bar with Monkey. Then she says to waitress or bar tender, 'Can you look after my monkey whilst I go to the bank. I'm in some money trouble.' The mark says 'yes' and leaving Monkey in the bar. Con 2- played by Esme- goes in and says 'That monkey is worth £50, will you sell it to me?' To which the mark replies, 'No. But give me your number and I'll get back to you.' Con 1 comes back and says, 'I've got no money left, I could really do with some dosh!' To which the mark pays £10. You leave with ten pounds. The bar tendercalls the number but then, Con 3- that's me- comes in and says 'At last you've found my monkey!' In reply the bartender says, 'I just payed for this!' To which Con 3 replies, 'You bought off the black market! I'm calling the police' Worried the mark says, 'Tell you what how about I give you the monkey and a little money to make you happy?' Con 3 says 'sure' and gets Monkey and another ten pound. Understand?"
The girls nodded.
"Lets do this."
For the rest of the evening they conned every cafe and bar in town until finally they hit the target amount. Annie and Mr Monkey went to have the adults sorted out and Esme and Sam carried on working. Well, they thought, might as well make a profit!
That was when disaster struck.
The man that Sam was quick changing turned out to be an undercover police officer. He dragged Sam and Esme- who had been pickpocketing him- down to the station. They were thrown into the interviewing room and told that they had the rights to say nothing but anyting relied upon in court could be used against them. They were asked a few questions and then the officer said, "Is there anything you would like to say?"
Esme looked at Sam. Sam looked at Esme.
"Well actually."

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