Monday, 25 March 2013

Bakers Dozen (part 2)

"I hate waiting rooms." Said Esme, the junior escapologist.
"All our family has been hypnotized unconscious and all you can think about is the state of our surroundings?" Asked her brother, Sam who was a budding magician.
"Oh shut up, the two of you!" Said Annie, their cousin and the mechanic of the circus. Let me fill you in.
Bakers Dozen is a very famous circus, and whilst performing at Janta Town, the last act hypnotized all the adults in the circus. Although the three children were in a state of shock, they still manged to call the ambulance who transported all one hundred adults and the three children to the hospital. They are now waiting whilst the doctors perform tests.
"I can't believe Mister Monkey was hypnotized as well." Said Annie.
"Come on Annie," said Sam. "As nice as Monkey man-" his nick name for the ape-"was we have bigger things to worry about."
"Here's the doctor." Said Esme as the doctor walked in.
"Right. I have good and bad news. The good is that all of the audience will be cured because the are medically insured. The bad news is that  your parents aren't as they don't have an official job."
Sam was a bit annoyed. "How much will it be?"
"Six Hundred pounds for each of them."
"That's six thousand altogether!" Cried Annie.
"Good maths. But it gets worse. The only doctor who can perform the correct surgery is only in town for two days. Which means you'll have  to raise that cash by then."
"We'll think about it." Said Esme which got strange looks from her family.

As I have already mentioned, the three children are part of a circus. Sam, a magician, Esme, an escapologist, and Annie, the mechanic, had one thing in common: they could all act very well. Although it isn't the best skill, it would come in handy. Anyway;
"The circus has about six hundred thousands in spare money so we can save one member."  Said Esme.
"We can't choose!" Said Sam.
"No way!" Said Annie.
"Don't be silly! I'm just saying, we only need to raise five thousand four hundred pounds."
"And how do we raise that?" Asked Annie.
"With cons."
"What? As in 'hand is quicker than the eye so the lady isn't where you think she is' cons?" Asked Sam.
"Most streets here are patrolled by police man though." Pointed out Annie.
"So we'll distract them." Said Sam. "I think it would probably be best if we have Esme distracting them."
"I'll challenge them to stop me from breaking out of their handcuffs!" She answered.
"But what if we get caught?" Asked Annie.
"We won't..." Replied Sam
"It would seem wise for me to a card trick," Said Sam. "I'll do Three Card Monte."
"What can I do?" Asked Annie.
"Quick change change!" Said Sam.
"What's a quick change change?"
"Let me show you."
He took her down to the hospital shop where he pulled out a ten pound note and a one pound coin. He picked up a pound camera that was rather tacky but worked. He continued to the counter where he asked the shop keeper if he could spare nine pound change as he only had a ten pound note. The shop keeper gave Sam nine pounds in coins. Next Sam pulled out the pound coin and said, "I've only just  found the a pound. Tell you what, give me ten pound."
The shop keeper did so.
"Ok, change this twenty in change into a twenty of notes."
He did so.
They walked out into the car park and Sam gave the twenty pounds to Esme. "Ten pounds is our first score."
They spent most of the morning performing the Three Card Monte, Quick Changing Change and escapology for most of the morning. By lunchtime, they were eighty pounds up. "Next is the badger." Said Esme.
"The what?" Asked Annie.
"The badger." Said Sam. "The idea is that someone distracts the mark who has just come out of a shop holding a bag. The someone- or a con- is distracting the man and points towards a map held away from the bag which the man has too put down. The con distracts the mark away from the put down bag allowing another con to come and replace the bag with an empty bag therefore stealing whatever the mark had bought."
"Ok." said Annie.
"I'll play the second con." Said Esme who knew she could run fast and pick up the bag.
"And I'll play the first con doing the distracting." Said Annie.
"I'll tell you what!" Said Sam. "I'll pick pocket the mark as well."
They spent most of the afternoon performing the badger at different places so they never got caught and then demanding a refund after going back in. Finally they hit one thousand pounds.
But they still had a fair way to go!

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