Monday, 11 March 2013

Gravity Chasers Returns (part 4)

They landed the vessel, burning the wings on the entry into the atmosphere, and got suited into the suits that Quintus had built for them. Outside of the glass window of the vessel they could see caves and rocks. Because of this, the team had strapped harness's to their suits so they could pothole. The suits were designed to diolute the gasses outside and allow the oxygen through. The childrens suits could be described as tin foil baby grows with glass visors which had mouth gaurds on. But anyway, the children clambered out of the airlock and down to the rock. The gravity was moving and to be able to stay on the floor you had to run! They towards the caves, chasing the gravity which- to an outisder- would look like the strangest activity in the multiverse! Upon the surface of a planet, a group of tin foil clad children running for no exact reason, occasionly bouncing into the sky and then, after moving forward a bit, falling back down to the ground. Finally they arrived by the rocks and made the secnd leg of their descent.
They tied the ropes from their harnesses to the stalites coming out from the mouth of the cave. They moved forward and started to edge their way towards the edge. Once there they lowered themselves down into the depth of the chasm. About half way down, they started to crawl through a small tunnel that had lots of rocks sticking into their path. This was called 'potholing' and Ark was the only child who had done it in the past. He went once with his father before the great storm and his father had been exceptionaly good at it. This memory kept him going through the cold and hard surface of the everlasting tunnel.
Finally they arrived at a clearing where, to there great amazement, they saw Arks father trapped inside a metal cage! Ark ran over to his father with glee in his eye and said, "Father! I'm so happy to see you at last! How can I get you out of this cage?"
"Did you bring the key my son?"
"What key?"
"The key in our sunken town?"
"Here, let me draw you a map and then you can go get it." He set about doing so.
"But it'll take us ages to get there!"
"I know but it's the only way. Now take the map and go before my captors get you!"
They ran quickly back to the vessel  to the sound of Charles Chimneair shouting, "Run my little gravity chasers!"
And then Charles did something very strange. He opened the cage, walked out and muttered, "run my little gravity chasers as your lives depend on it."

To be continued...

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