Monday, 4 March 2013

Gravity Chasers Returns! (part 3)

By now they were accustomed to the squealing of pin against vinel. It was a warning that Quintus was going talk, so when they had just reached space and the oxygen cans activated they weren't surprised by the squeaking and squealing sound of the talking equipment.
"Hello." Said the automaton.
"Hello," replied Ark who was fed up of Quintus saying hello over and over again.
"There is a burn on the propeller."
"So who is going to fix it?"
"No one."
"But why?"
"Because we set fire to it."
"According to my calculations, a powerful force- such as leaving the earths atmosphere- will burn certain things. So because we didn't need the propeller we redirected the heat towards it."
Quintus went off to talk to his reflection, another new discovery of his, whilst Ark and Liz played with the penguin/parrot which they'd named Squawks, this however wasn't the only name. Upon hearing the name of Squawks Will wanted to call it 'whichever sound a penguin makes!
A few hours later and everyone was calm. Liz was handling the controls- with some help from Ark-  whilst Will snored from his hammock. All was calm, no Squawking- or whatever sound it is that a penguin makes- or squeaking or tinkering. But suddenly there was an explosion of sound- a cacophany if you will- as a giagantic metal galleon whizzed pass them! Upon it were exactly 98 iron lords of the tanklor district! Out of his hammock, Will was knocked and sleepily he legged it to the control panel. Ark and Liz stepped back but Will needed them. Pulling up a chair each they sat around the control panel, it was going to be a bumpy ride!
Ark was in charge of navigating- which here means 'keeping on track though they can't'-, Liz was in charge of weapons- 'dropping stones on them'- and Will did everything else.
"You see that collection of rocks?" Asked Ark.
"Yes." Answered Will.
"Pull towards it!"
He pulled right towards them.
"Good. Liz how many stones have we got?"
"A lot."
"Put them on the right side of the ship."
"Great. Now break until the iron lords are to our right."
"Ok.... Done!"
"Carry on travelling at their rate put just before the collections of levitating rocks pull above them to the left."
He did so.
"Release the stones!" The stones fell down onto the ship knocking it into the asteroid belt. There was an enormous explosion and the ship combusted. The heros celebrated and then saw a planet in the horizon.
The planet was their destination.


  1. This is fun, like an early Miyazaki film! Are you getting any support/mentoring with your writing?

    1. Sort of. I'm still at school so my teachers are helping me but also Write Club are giving me tips. Thank you for the interest.