Monday, 25 February 2013

Gravity Chasers Return (part 2)

"Leg it!"
Ark grabbed some charts, Will grabbed some tools and Liz pinched the penguin/parrot. They ran out of the cave, passed the mechanism and into the sunlight which stung there eyes. They jumped over the marshes, the rivers and through the trees. Dust rose behind them as the 9 Iron Lords of the Tanklor District chased them. All of a sudden a strange springy sound made itself apparent. Ark saw a shadow cross over him and then suddenly it appeared before them, Quintus! He was holding a a sacksful of vinel discs! He was jumping away from the iron lords but what he was saying was still audible. "Will! Grab hold of me and we can go warm up the vessel!"
Will took the charts and the penguin/parrot, jumping onto Quintus' back who soon disapeared into the horizon.
"This way Ark!" Cried Liz, who was running up a small hill where rocks made it difficult to run unless you were quite small. Ark ducked through a gap and through other small cuts in the rock, trying always to  keep Liz in site. He was confused and so made a couple of wrong turns, which allowed him to see above the rocks revealing the heads of the iron lords.
They were catching up with Liz.
There was a small cranny coming up so he sneaked into it and pulled her through it. He clambered onto a larger rocks which, when standing on with your tippy toes and straining your eyes, you could see the vessel. He jumped off the rock and slid down it shouting, "Yahooo!" Briefly followed by Liz saying the exact same thing. They came to the bottom, covered in dust, and almost tripped over at the bottom. They raced across the dust and to the vessel jumping through the porthole/ airlock.
The balloon was already up and within seconds of the doors closing they were away! Suddenly they flew into the Heavens, further and further until they were in space!
Ark looked at the charts and said, "Well this looks fun!"

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