Monday, 4 February 2013

The greek camera (part 3)

We went back to the office to go over our notes. Things were looking good but there were a few things we needed to work out. It was decided that we shouldn't invite Lodders because, even though he is a brilliant cop, he can jump to conclusions quite easily. When we arrived Robin sat in my leather chair and I perched on my desk making further notes. Robin began, "So we've learnt from the photographer that the camera had an acropolis lens instead of a 33' spec, the difference being that the for mentioned is a view distorter making impossibilities seem realistic. The porter cabins carpet isn't in the rest of the hut, still no way for her to have got in there and the vial of poison wasn't found. Also why was there breaks in the rust? Those were the clue forecast, now to Gabriel for the questions."
"Thank you Robin," I said sarcastically. "Well today's main questions are firstly where did the poison go, how did she get in and why is  there a break in the rust. Also why was the camera used..." Breaking off in mid sentence.
"Gabriel, are you having a break through?"
"Oh, obviously."
"Think it was opposite the road."
"Drainage. Rivers. Hydraulics!"
"Think! The lady never went through the door and into the original room. The camera made it look as though you could close the door on her dead body but the door never was opened. She was killed elsewhere and taken there through the drainage systems in the sewers. A special room was then put through the gap made under the cupboard. The grid was opened so they could look through and make sure they were in the right place. That's why there was carpet in the cupboard but not in the room. But why? I need proof but I know how to get that. Meet me at the porter cabin tomorrow. bring lodders!
I rushed out grabbing my camera and note book.
"Well, how about that as the scoop of a lifetime!" Said Robin.

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  1. Super stories Luke, your inspiring me to finally to publish my ICT blog!