Monday, 18 February 2013

Gravity Chasers Return!

So far in our tale of intrigue and adventure: The crew of Ark, Liz and Will have found an automaton, automated robot, who has helped them travel to an island in the centre of a stormy triangle in the centre of the ocean. From there they have travelled through marsh land and finally arrived in a  cave where a strange beeping mechanism that had presumably been behind the strange conclusions was found. This is where we rejoin the adventure;

Ark and the rest of the team stood around the machine. It bleeped and beeped and shined and dinged. Ark decided it was a cacophany of noise but then an exceptionly strange thing appeared.
A penguin.
Why there was a penguin I am not sure but it was there nethertheless. What happened next was even stranger, no really!
 It spoke!
"Erm... hello." Said Ark.
"Who are you?"
"I'm Ark, who are you?"
"I'm Polly"
"Hello Polly,"
"Who's a pretty boy then?"
"Are you a parrot or a penguin?"
"Right. Hang on, where have you gone?" The parrot/penguin had vanished! Will walked out around the back of the macine and let out a gasp. "Come here quickly!" He shouted.

Ark and Liz followed him around followed by Quintus and were greeted by the site of a gigantic cavern. In the centre of the cavern was a table, much like that of the vessels, around which sat nine men that seemed to be made of iron. The cavern was full of treasures, such as gigantic quantities of gold and many ruby crystals. Ark walked over to the table and looked in a log book that was on it. "Guys, this book has co-ordinates in. I think they might be of where my father is."
"Let's go then! Allonsy if you will." Said Liz.
"One problem though."
"It's not on this planet!"
"Well, where is it?"
"In a differnet galaxy presumably."
Suddenly Quintus tapped Arks sholder. He pointed to a pile of vinel discs. He pulled one out of his mouth and put it on the floor. Ark picked up one of the vinels. Quintus clipped onto one of his silly hands. The needle scratched a series of lines into the disc and then inserted it into its mouth. Suddenly he started to speak. "I can speak!"
"Yes you can."
"Good because there is something I need to tell you."
"The iron men are actually called the nine iron lords of the tanklor district."
"So when Liz just touched them they came to life. And probably wanting to kill us and use our bodies to bring us back to life."

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