Monday, 11 February 2013

The greek camera (part 4)

I walked into the porter cabin, my trousers caked in mud. Lodders, the police commissioner and Robin sat waiting for me. There was a silence in the room but when Robin saw the state of my trousers, that all changed. "Where on Earth have you been?" She asked.
"Down by the river, but nevertheless that doesn't matter. What matters is what I have learnt!"
"Which is?" Said the Commissioner.
"All in good time, all in good time. Now Officers," gesturing at the guards on the door. "I need our dear friend, the photographer and these builders." I passed him a note.

We waited about ten minutes before my guests arrived. Once everyone was in, I began.
"Are we all sitting comfortably? Then let the story begin. Now with all ingeniously clever crimes, much like illusions, there is an effect and a method. The effect for this crime was to convince everyone the lady had committed suicide in a locked cupboard with no way in or out. But then things started to fall apart. The lady couldn't have died in there for two reasons. Firstly there was no glass, plastic, or anything like that, vial for the poison to be in and carpet in the cupboard but none in the rest of the room. Can anyone explain this?"
Shakes of head between the audience.
"When doing the big reveal at the end of a case try to use audience participations Robin. Anyway, the next clue was that the door had to be cut off  for the forensics to get in. Weird, surely. The first person to see the scene was the photographer. Could he have changed the crime scene? No, but his camera did! The camera is issued with a standard 33' spec right?"
"Correct." Said the photographer.
"But it didn't. Instead it had an acropolis lens which, Mr photographer?"
"Distorts lengths, so they look different."
"Exactly. If we look at the photos it seems as though she could have fitted in there with the door open, because it opens in, when really she couldn't!" Robin demonstrated which was followed by gasps! "Which takes me to my next point. The cupboard, which is tiny, could not have such a gigantic door in. Finally, the porter cabin is situated to the side of a road, with a manhole cover next to it. Just to add the rust that had spread off the cover had a break in. Any questions?"
"Now then, the method! The lady was killed elsewhere, more specifically the nightclub near the river. She was killed by the killer, who, took her to the drainage outflow into the river.  From there they took her to the manhole cover (underneath it that is) which he opened to make sure he was in the right place explaining the break in rust. He then lifted her on to a platform, which is decorated like the cupboard. Sadly however, the cupboard had carpet in even though the rest didn't. He made this mistake because he'd never been in the cabin. So the here comes the proof."
I laid a set of photos on the table proving my accusations.
"Which is why my shoes and trousers are mucky. I went down to ask a few questions. Such as if anyone had been down there. And low and behold a plumber had come up, well two in fact. Who are?"
The officers hand cuffed the builders. "Right so, they did it with a hydraulic lift and all the other things, they swapped the camera when walking to the site and so but why?"
"When I walked onto site first I almost collapsed from the smell. The smell being a drug. So they must be drug smugglers, who have been discovered by the lady."

The next month the press had condemned the men and we were famous all over. And that with the acropolis lens was the case of the Greek camera.

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