Monday, 28 January 2013

The Greek Camera (part 2)

I and Lodders carried with our investigation under much protest from Robin. A few clues sprang from this occasion and these are they, if you pardon my Roman.
1. There were no trapdoors, secret passages or hidden weapons.
2. There was carpet in the cupboard yet none in the rest of the porter cabin.
3. And the broken vial which the poison was originaly in didn't show any glass stuck in the carpet.
Lodders went outside to report back to his commanding officer and I followed him leaving Robin with the pictures and the room to herself. We spoke over the phone and were arranging to speak to the builders to see if they saw anything when Robin burst out and shouted, "The dimensions are wrong!"

That afternoon we went to see the Crime Scene photographer who showed us his qualifications proving he was an official photographer. Half way through our interview he had to leave the room to answer a call giving I and Robin the time to have a proper look at the camera. I put down my pencil case, which contained all my tools, and started to take it apart.
"You see Robin," half muttered with a screw driver in my jaw. "When I first started on the paper it was taking photos and researching which, hand me the spanner will you, means I can strip a camera in three minuets flat."
"And I," replied Robin. "Can build a toaster in one and a half minuets."
"Well anyway if memory serves this lens is wrong."
"Yes, it should be a 33' spec ordinary but by the looks of things," peering closer to it. "It's an acropolis lens which magnify things so a four foot high body could fit into a two foot cupboard because it reidrects the view."
"We need to know the people who had access to the camera and can work out who swapped lenses!" cried Robin who realised she had worked out the main lead for this baffling case! 

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