Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Greek Camera

I and Robin sat in the waiting room outside my bosses, Lawrence Brooks, office. He had summoned us straight from the train, most likely to give Robin her welcoming speech. The reading material was rubbish, just old editions of the Pavilion Paper. After an hour I got bored and unlocked the door with the spare key I kept just at the point Lawrence walked in. He sighed and beckoned us in, to which we followed. He sat down and threw a portfolio at me. I opened it and saw many photos of a lady who looked as if she had been poisoned lying in a small walk in cupboard. The door had been disconnected and a few things had been pointed out, I handed the portfolio to Robin who scanned through it. Brooks got to business, "Right then, the picture as you've presumably noticed shows a women lying dead in a walk in cupboard which suggests she's committed suicide. However she couldn't have got in as there wasn't any sign of entry on the security cameras or the alarm system. We want to know how she got in there."
"Right and which officer will I be working with?" Said I.
"Sergeant Lodsbury, is that ok?"
"Sure I'll work with old Lodders!"
Robin looked bemused.

We went to the building site, where the porter-cabin the lady had been in, later that afternoon. The porter cabin was in line with the road on the other side of the fence that marked out the building site so the road was to the left side.  Directly to the right of the porter cabin was an old manhole that I noticed was covered in rust that had spread off it however I noticed a break in the rust probably because of the building work. We walked in and saw Lodders peering into the cupboard, for those who don't know me and Lodders went to university together to study law and was crucial in the solving of one of my first cases. He pointed at the door and sent a man out. The sergeant was pleased to see and it was only Robin who didn't seem happy, muttering something about if only we were Scotland and then she could have the old connections.

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