Saturday, 5 January 2013

Gravity Chasers (part 3)

It was obvious that Ark was revelling with this news. It was hard not to be if you had been in his shoes but what really suprised Liz was how Will reacted. She almost collapsed when he sprang from his silent pose and leaped to the big leather chair on the curved track behind the computer and pirate ship like turing wheel. Liz ran to her position and turned the pressure valve. You could hear the air squeak and then rush into the balloon. The rubber squeaked as it expanded and then the rickety rack of the propeller moving back and fourth on the track, as it spun. The tickering of the wings as they started to flap was first tiny and slow but then imense and fast. The vessel flew with speed as Ark sat down at the table. Quintus brought over the charts and map and Ark started calculating. With the lighter that Quintus had given her she lit all the candles. It was a strange lighter. You inserted the match in to the the small hole after lifting the lid up. Then you pull down the lever a few times like striking a match. Once lit you raise the handle up, the match comes up and you take it out and light things. Will continued to fly the ship to a random place. And then Ark said something,
"Acording to Quintus we need to find the randomiser contraption. A device that makes things of imagination actually happen. This being what my father was apparently testing when he went misssing. However the device is on island in the centre of a triangle of stormy weather. Navigating will be impossible."
"Unless.." Said Liz.
"Unless we had someone out there relaying information to us about what's going on."
"I guess that'll be me won't it," said Liz.
"That's what I was thinking."
"But how?" Asked Will.
"Ah that's where Quintus comes in, you see as we already know there were six designs and Quintus is number five. So if you can rebuild number one, the biggest, to some designs Quintus just drew we can convert it into an air suit which we will use as a device that'll keep you alive in high altitude."
"Right, let's do this," said Will.

And with that they invented the air suit, a genius contraption for keeping people alive in high altitude. And then they carried on their adventure.

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