Monday, 14 January 2013

Gravity Chasers (part 4)

Ark laid the first automaton down on the oak table as Will pulled out his toolbox. Liz and Quintus were flying the ship which was evident as they were rocking all over the place. Ark took a can opener from the toolbox and stripped the panels away from the armature. They then pulled out all the cogs and automated sections so all was left was the armature and the head. They pulled everything out of the head and put another layer on the glass to make it more secure, then a rubber sealing on the bottom only just big eough to fit a head through. The armature was adapted to hold a body and cylinder holding oxygen was put inside the helmet. Then they arrived at the entrance of the triangle.
They put the suit around Liz and then screwed it tight, next they applied each panel seperately and melted the gaps over to stop any air getting in. Then they put the helmet on and bolted it down. Connecting a chain to hold it on they let her out of the airlock and she was falling!

Will ran to the control panel and started the engines again as it flew through the cloud covered skies making it impossible for Will to see. Slowly the message started to come through the system that Quintus designed and Ark plotted in the co-ordinates. The propellers, surprisingly, propelled the vessel towards a small island in the middle of the triangle and the ship began to land. the landing pads came out with some advanced shock absorbers on. The team jumped out with there flashlights and started to explore. First however they released Liz from the suit which she described as the most fun thing she's done since being chased by all the marketers back at the old Port. For many hours they roamed through marshes, swamps, forests and grasslands until they found a cave. Inside the cave was a shining mechanism and the secrets it held were amazing but it told Ark something he needed to know. And the results of this fact led him on an amazing journey to a distant place with a penguin who thought he was a parrot and involved being chased by the nine iron lords of the tanklor district. But that is a story for another time!

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