Monday, 15 April 2013

Gravity Chasers 3: Unto The Abyss

"Brace yourselves!" Cried Will as he pulled the material wings back to create drag therefore slowing the impending action of the vessel crashing.
"I'll release the drag chute!" Shouted Liz from somewhere in the back room where she and a penguin/parrot- renamed Squawker- where busily lumping large sheets tied together into the washing machine like release mechanism.
"I'll activate the dampers!" Announced Ark from the lower room where he and an automaton, called Quintus, were busily coating the deployable landing gear with cloth.
"Ahh!" They all cried as the vessel crashed onto the and rock covered beach which had become their destination.
Let me explain: When their home was blown into the clouds, a man called Charles Chimneair- Arks father- built a series of air machines. Soon after he disappeared and Ark, Liz and Will, with Quintus the automaton, set out trying to find him. Along the way they had had a run in with a group of iron lords, found a bag of vinyl discs and adopted a penguin who believed he was a parrot. When they eventually arrived on a far away planet they found Charles imprisoned under a large amount of rocks. The key to his freedom was a set of plans that were hidden in a waterproof box in the suken town that used to be their home. Now their flying vessel could be adapted to travel in space, and in the air and to land on the sea but it couldn't go underwater. So where was the best place to buy a submarine? Well the submarine port at Dogrevey bay, where else?
Anyway, after an extremely bumpy ride, the children laid anchor. Will, who had been elected captain, began by stating all the jobs. "Ark, you are to gather together all the money we have and at least three valuables to trade with. Liz, collect the potholing equipment according to Quintus we have to climb through a cave. Quintus, stay aboard and make sure no vandals attack it whilst we're gone. Squawks, stay here, we'll have limited oxygen ourselves and we don't need to waste anymore on an undecided species creature. Everyone understand?"
"Aye aye captain!"
A couple of hours later, the youngsters- clad in potholing gear- climbed out of the vessel and towards a cave where a sign hung saying 'Emporium of Aquatic Equipment'  Into the cave they walked until about halfway through they were starting to walk up. Bit by bit they edged up the rocky walkway. Wills hair fell before his eyes and had he not taken the oppurtunity to brush it from his face, he would have fell down a twenty foot cliff. Tightening their ropes to the rock face, they abseiled down taking a moment to admire the view. Arriving at the bottom they were welcomed into a small cove where a man was busily surveying the submarines that sat on small estuary's leading towards the sea. Ark walked straight over to this man who was wearing a tatty brown coat and a pair of swimming goggles. "I would like to purchase your cheapest submarine. please."
"Ok, and would sir be wanting oxygen or supplying his own?"
"Ok.  And will sir be  requiring diving suits?"
"How much."
"Five thousand pounds?"
"I'll give you four thousand and an antique hunting rifle."

The three children gathered in there new means of transport and descending unto the abyss! 

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