Monday, 22 April 2013

Gravity Chasers 3: Unto The Abyss (part 2)

Diary of Ark Chimneair documenting a descent down to the bottom of the sea.
Day 3.
Currently on a diet of Beans and bread. Not very tasty.

Upon entering the submarine, they had previously bought, you were confronted with a small room that would probably torture a person who suffered from claustrophobia. This room was airlocked and had two underwater breathing suits in it. On the other side of the room was a thin corridor at the far side of which was a revolving chair  that was positioned in front of a control panel- of gears, wheels and levers- and  a glass window that allowed you to witness what was outside. There was also a writing cabinet and an outside defence and offence weapon system controller. If you were to look up you would see a ladder system that can be pulled down and then climbed up to get onto the second deck. The second deck had another glass window that allowed you to observe the world outside and then a bunk bed in front of it. To the side of the trapdoor, if you will, was a cooking unit and a refrigeration system. At the back was a toilet hidden behind a musty green curtain. It was at the downstairs control panel that Will sat as he stared out into the gloominess of the sea. Ark was at the writing desk, writing his diary about what he was eating and Liz was upstairs catching some shuteye. As the metal cylinder crept through the slow and dark drape of wet particles, the team were surprised by a sudden scraping sound outside. Ark ran straight to the port hole and pushed his face up against the glass which slowly fogged. He could barely see anything but he could make out basic shapes. By the looks of things there was a rock trapping the bottom of the submarine. So they didn't waste oxygen the team had decided to only talk should they really need to and signal the rest of the time. Ark signalled towards the door suggesting he go out and move the stone.
Will shook his head and merely beckoned towards the weapon machine.
Ark walked over and surveyed the buttons deciding on which weapon to use. The machines interface was set out in a grid of: Bottom and Top. And then to the side: Right and Left.
He chose (Bottom: Left) and clicked on the explosive button. An explosion let off underneath the sub crumbling the rock and then releasing a great deal of bubbles which swiftly moved up. The sub moved forwards onto the sunken remains of the teams lost home. 

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