Monday, 29 April 2013

Gravity Chasers 3: Unto the abyss (part 3)

The Diary of Ark Chimneair  documenting a descent down to the bottom of the sea.
Day 5

I wish someone could cook things that isn't beans.

Ark climbed into the airlock. He peered into the gloom where Liz was already standing. He climbed in and hurried over to the diving suit. They had arrived in the sunken remains of their city an hour earlier  and it took them that long to eat their meal and convince Ark to go with Liz. Once they had convinced him, Liz and Ark climbed into the airlock and donned the diving suits. The diving suits were large copper suits that had large bowl like helmets and only a thin piece of glass to look through. They also had two hours worth of oxygen and a Morse code emitter so they could communicate with Will who was in the sub. Once they were in the airlock, Will bolted the door close and then started to allow water into the room. Slowly cold water swept around their copper clad feet and then up and up until their whole body were enveloped in the freezing cold liquid. Once they were submerged with the water, the pod clicked open and they were released unto the abyss.
Ark started to scramble across the rocky pathway and was soon tired. Liz, however, managed to float through the air towards the sunken remains of Charles Chimneairs forgotten laboratory. When they had arrived there, they had to knock down the moulding rotten wood door. By this  time, an hour had passed. They hurriedly swam towards the main room. When they got there Ark hurried straight over to the drawer that his father kept his keys in. Sure enough there was a mysterious key that for some reason, glowed. He kept that in a special pocket area and then returned to Liz who was in the corridor. By this time they had only fifteen minutes until there oxygen ran out.
They quickly hurried back to the submarine but lost oxygen from their frantic actions. As they climbed into the airlock and watched it be emptied. They took off their helmets just as the last of their oxygen ran out.
They climbed out of their underwater armour and looked at each other then at the door. They climbed back into the warm body of the submarine and the silence of returning to a home like place was broken only by Will saying, "To a far away planet sir?"

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