Monday, 6 May 2013

Gravity Chasers 3: Unto the Abyss! (part 4)

Diary Of Ark Chimneair documenting a descent to the bottom of the sea.
Day 7
Returning to the vessel today. No more Beans! Yeah!

The top of the submarine started to emerge out of the water and Ark made his way up to the top. He climbed to the second floor and opened the hatch that led to the roof. He opened it up and looked out. "Sunlight." He muttered as the bright light of the sun filtered through the glass and rubber eye wear that protected his eyes. All of a sudden he flashed back to the summer he and his father had spent in England- this memory was provoked by the sudden blast of water that had submerged him in the choppy sea. Hopefully they would be able to go away together soon.
He was snapped back to reality with the sight of the vessel bobbing up and down on the waves. Ark climbed out of the submarine and was instantly cooled by the freezing cold liquid. He swam over to the vessel and climbed up to the porthole from where he pulled a rope. He chucked this to Liz who had also gone up to the hatch at the top of the submarine and started to pull. Along with the help of the submarines engine, Liz pulled the submerged vessel towards the vessel. Ark and Liz climbed into the vessel, after mooring the submarine to it, and were swiftly followed by Will.
They were welcomed in by Quintus who served them hot choclates and, much to Arks irritation, beans on toast. After he had downed his food, Will set course towards the Chimneair Observatory. When they had arrived, they moored the submarine and then started their course towards the planet Arks father was imprisoned on. Several hours later, the vessel made touch down on the planet and burnt up the wings on impact. The team donned their equipment and Will tied Quintus to his suit so that he could drag him to the prison cell. They ran- and floated- along the surface of the planet until they could start to descend down through the rocky chutes down into the cells. They finally came out in the prison cell to a sight they weren't expecting.
Charles Chimneair was stood, clapping his hands, outside his cell!
"Well done my little Gravity Chasers." He said with a hint of bitterness in his voice.
"Father? What are you doing outside your cell?" Asked Ark.
"For such a promising child, Ark, you are very disappointing."
"I don't understand father!"
"Of course you don't! That's the point. I see you've brought Quintus."
The vinyl being cut sounded aloud and then Quintus replied, "I would have called you master but that job has gone to Ark, Will and the mistress Liz."
"You shouldn't have said that Quintus," replied Charles, "Sentus, come and deal with your young brother automaton." Out walked a gigantic metal suit of armour with glowing red eyes and a vinel disc in his mouth.
"Yes master!" It said in the same tone and voice as Quintus.
It grabbed Quintus and was preparing to rip the Automaton apart when it shut down.
"What?" Cried Charles Chimneair.
"For such a promising scientist, Father, you are really disappointing." Said Ark.
"Well, Professor Chimneair, when Ark and Liz were retrieving your mysterious file they found some plans. These plans explained your whole idea." Answered Will.
"Plans that explained how you would fake a gigantic storm, that would whip a whole city into the clouds and then how to build a series of air machines. Then explained how you forced the nine iron lords of the tanklor district to transport you here. Then how you planned to stop create a new planet and observe the evolution of the planet here."
"You found out."
"I'm disgusted by you father."
"Well this has been fun. But what are you three going to do? The only people who can stop me and the equipment I possess are the iron lords and they are dead thanks to me."
"That  was one step to far father."
"Well, the iron lords aren't dead and they thought we had attempted to kill them, which is why they attacked us, and now they know that you assassinated them via a microphone that Quintus wears they will try to kill you. Unless of course you destroy your equipment and stay here."
"What's it going to be?" Asked Will.

The team- who had named themselves 'The Gravity Chasers'- landed quite bumpily on the sea outside the Chimneair observatory with the knowledge that Charles Chimneair wouldn't be messing with them ever again. They landed the vessel in a cave that was hidden under the rocky covering to the right of the Chimneair Observatory. They climbed up the stone stair case towards the observatory. Standing outside the old wooden door was an elderly man with an umbrella, a young man with a suitcase and a girl- about Arks age- with a large collection of bags.
"Hello." Said the elderly man.
"Erm hello." Replied Ark. "Who are you?"
"I'm Professor Jacob Worminhulk and this is my son Balthazar and my young assistance Lyra."
"And what are you doing here?"
"We are physicists."
"Why are you here?"
"Did I mention we were time travel extrodinares?"


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