Monday, 20 May 2013

Memory Lane (part 2)

"What did you say?" Asked Robin.
"That the lady was dead with cyanide once the lights came back on." I answered.
"Do you mind if I get on with the story now?"
"Please continue."
"Thank you. Now when the lights turned on a man sitting on the other side of the room hurried straight over. He was an ex police officer who had retired but still helped out if he was in the area. He locked the room and had all the food and drink put into a spare room to preserve it after calling the police. Next he took the table at which the lady had been sat and rested that in the cold room. As the police arrived he explained to the customers and staff- which I was one of- what was going on. The police came and started to interview everyone. The journalist- who worked with the Pavilion Post and was called Amelia McCardle- that had come along to cover the story interviewed me. She explained that she had a weekly article called 'McCardle investigates' and that they would solve interesting crimes and bring it to the publics attention. I told her what had happened: 'She had sat down at a table, eaten a meal that I had helped to prepare and, during the power cut, had died as their was flare by her table.' She listened to my explanation of events, made some notes and then cursed about not having an assistant. The police finished their interviewing about three hours later and asked for all the staff to be taken into custody including me. We would be held until they had eliminated from the process."
"Did you have to wear a prison uniform?"
"That's hardly important."
"Did you?"
"Ah well. Carry on then."
"My deepest thank you, your highness."
"Carry on."
"Well from an early age I hated being locked in things and the thought of prison gave me a shock attack. I walked around the room nearly all of my first night and spent the second day sleeping. On the third day I was told that I hada visitor. The second my cell door was opened I nearly collapsed. Straight out of the door I ran and was instantly pulled back by the officer. When I was taken into the room I was shocked to see Amelia McCardle sitting down. 'Hello Gabriel.' She said
'Erm, hi.' I replied.
'I was thinking about what you told me the other day.'
'And I was wondering whether you could help me?"

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