Monday, 3 June 2013

Memory Lane (part 3)

"Amelia McCardle wanted you to help her?" Asked Robin Greenhouse.
"Of course. Can I continue?"
"Yes, if you must."
"Once I had collected my things, I left the prison with Amelia. Our first stop was to go back to the Pavilion Paper HQ so I could thank the editor in chief for paying my bail. I was issued with a camera,"
"I wondered how you got a job as a photographer for the paper." Robin interrupted, commenting on our adventure entitled, The Greek Camera- read it on today!
"Yes but can we get back to the story please."
"Good. Now we travelled back to the cafĂ© where we discussed a few possibilities she had come up with. Although Sherlock Holmes is very clever character, his phrase 'Once you've eliminated the impossible, whatever remains- no matter how improbable- must be the truth' isn't always perfectly understood. What Amelia made the mistake of doing in that instance was to come up with theories without facts instead of facts without theories."
"Enough with the detective-y quotes."
"Ok. So although her theories were clever and well thought out there was evidence she never considered. For examples, 'why was all the food tasting funny' or 'what was the flare'.
I had no idea which was when I heard one of the police say something sarcastically. He turned to Amelia and said, 'I see you're burning the candle at both ends!'"

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