Monday, 17 June 2013

Scarlett (part 2)

The tall figure stood at the end of the bridge, his shadow making it hard for us to see if there was anyone behind him. He had a scraggily beard and was about six foot tall, with the broadest shoulders I have ever seen.
My uncle Robin lowered his hood and swirled the staff in his hand, "I think I shall take the not today option."
"That wasn't a choice."
"Do you want me to enforce my option?"
"Oh yes please."
"Will, step back."
I hurried back across the bridge to wear I had been several minutes before. Robin bowed and sliced his staff into the tall mans legs. The man growled and lifted his truncheon above his head allowing Robin to send his fist into the mans stomach. As the tall man lurched backwards, he brought his truncheon down.
Robin jumped backward and threw his cape over the man. He sent several quick shots into the mans chest and sent a kick into the mans thigh.
Just as he planted one more kick into the tall figure, he was pulled over into the oxbow lake. The tall figure followed and attempted to drown Robin!
I pulled my catapult out and sent some stones at the figure. He turned away from my uncle and swam over to me. This was just the opportunity my uncle needed. He jumped out of the water and pulled some twine from the bridge, wrapping it around the mans neck.
He wacked his foot into the back of the mans knee causing him to kneel and shouted, "Who are you?"
"They call me John Little."
"Well Little John,, I'm Robin of the Loxley Estate. Hang on, I can't call myself that now."
"That's a good point." I said.
"I could do with a name."
"How about Robin Hat?"
"Robin Cloak?"
"Robin Hood?"
"Sounds a bit old fashioned but we'll stick with it for now. Well Little John, I'm Robin Hood and I'm looking for somewhere to live."
"Well you won't get a room in the Sherwood Estate, they've all been taken."
"I'm planning to live in the attics."
"They say they're haunted."
"I'm sorry."
"The attics are haunted by the ghosts of the poor who have been trapped in the brickwork for all eternity by the demons and devils of the night."
"I have spent too much time watching the travesty of war to believe in the life of demons and devils. However we shall be using the rumours of ghosts to keep people out."
"Why would we want to be keeping people out?"
"Because of our plans."
"What plans?"
"My plans to break the bank!" 

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