Monday, 3 June 2013

Memory Lane (part 4)

"I think I know what you coming onto." Robin stated.
"Do you?"
"Well I'll get to the end and then you can tell me how it was done. Remember the tips I've given you for the big reveal."
"So, I took Amelia outside and told her my idea. She pulled me into a cab and took us straight to the Pavilion HQ. I ran into the editors office and told him my conclusion. After checking my facts, he sent me and Amelia to the cafĂ© to explain the case to the police men."
"I gathered all the relevant people and started. Robin if you care to take over."
"Sure. So Lisa Williams was going to ban tabloid reporters from lying, so they were doing all these derogatory things to her such as,"
"Throwing eggs at her car and in this case putting a candle on her table so that it seems she is on a date."
"Correct. Now, the candle wasn't very derogatory and to be truthful, why would they pay the money? So why don't we have a think. Why did they donate candle?"
"I don't know?"
"That was rhetorical."
"No such thing as a rhetorical question when you're doing the big reveal."
"Carry on."
"So the candle was designed so that it would flare and release a cyanide based poison that would kill someone."
"Right. What about the funny food?"
"Rubbish chef."
"The food wasn't a case of the bad chef. The food was a case of the antidote for the poison."
"What was the thing that she put a tax on?"
"And do you know what the best dish of the Lime Sweet Restaurant was?"
"It was meal a with a lot of cheese in."
"Do you know who created the dish?"
"The waiter who put the candle on the table."
"So the waiter found the poison capsule- it was later discovered it wasn't cyanide- and put antidote in everyone else's food. And he turned the power off when the poison activated so no one would work out the crime. That is when you eliminated the impossible, realised that whatever remains- no matter how improbable- has to be the truth."
"But why did he not turn it into the police?"
"Because he only got the job because he invented the dish. He would have been fired because cheese was getting to expensive to buy."
"Exactly. And that was how I became the great investigative journalist known as Gabriel Rathbone!"
"And his more interesting assistant, Robin Greenhouse!"
"This was my back story not yours."

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