Monday, 24 June 2013

Scarlett (part 3)

I, my uncle Robin and our new friend Little John, walked across the plank bridge and into the Sherwood estate. The smell wasn't as bad as in the squats but it was hard to bear. The windows of the lodgings were coated in grime and flies buzzed against them.
It was for two dripping wet middle aged blokes, especially one of Little Johns stature, to walk through such a place. We acquired many a dodgy look, which only intensified when we stated to climb up the rickety iron stair case to the attics. The door broke open and we stepped into a triangular room with bits of material hanging from the roof. There wasn't anything in the way of furnishings but I'm sure we could find something. There were little candles plopped around the room so which we lit so we could see things clearer. There was a barrel and a couple of stools so we pulled them over and used the barrel as table.
"Alright." Stated my uncle. "Welcome to the first official meeting of my,"
"We need a name." I interrupted.
"Yes we do."
"I knew a man called Albert Merry." Little John muttered.
"So?" I asked.
"He always wanted to set up a group like this to take down the bank."
"Well it's decided." Robin announced. "Welcome to the first meeting of the Merry men."


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