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Resurrection of the Tardis

"I'm telling you Doctor," shouted Adric over the sound of toast popping, "The Tardis can't dematerialise because you haven't tuned the Dematerialisation Circuit correctly!"
"No Adric," replied the Doctor as he buttered his toast, "it's because I don't have an exterior for the machine."
"What do you mean?"
"The machine works because the interior is a dimension of its own. The exterior- in this case a police box- works as an anchor. When we activate the dematerialisation circuit, the police box is pulled into the time vortex. The interior however, is not anywhere as it's its own dimension linked to the exterior by very complicated physics. On what I'm building here, there is not an exterior, therefore meaning there is nothing to dematerialise meaning that we can't travel anywhere!"
"Well the actual Tardis is going to come to us so we'll have to get out there someway."
"I've designed a system I'm calling aquatic receptor circuits which I could use."
"Oh look, Lyras here."
As Adric said that, Lyra walked into the kitchen. "Hello."
"What are you two arguing about?"
"Dematerialisation circuits." Answered Adric.
"Sometimes when you speak, it sound as if you aren't human!"
"I'm not."
An awkward silence fell over the breakfast room until the Doctor spoke, "Won't be too long now until we can go exploring in time and space."
"I can't wait!" Replied Lyra.
"Neither can I!"  Interrupted Adric.
"That's great! Now then, what are you doing today."
"I'm thinking about breaking into Unit HQ before Commander Troy breaks into hear."
"That sounds good. Adric, I want you to go with Lyra."
"Because I've got stuff to do that will bore you."
"Does it  involve mathematics?"
"A little bit."
"Well I'll do them."
"Here," the Doctor tore a page out of his notebook and wrote a few numbers on it, "this is my phone number. I need you to work out some hydroelatic coordinates for me. Once you've done that, phone me."
"Ok Doctor. How are we going to get to Unit HQ, Lyra?"
"On my bike."
Adric had travelled on many things in his life but never had he been so amazed by the power and speed of Lyras Vespa! It accelerated past all the cars and through the country side until it pulled to a halt in a random field. Lyra helped Adric off the bike and they walked towards one of the larger trees.  She lifted back a piece of bark to reveal an intercom. "This is a friend of the Doctor."
"Which one?" Replied a gruff tone.
"I'm Lyra and Adric is with me."
"Would you name at least three aliens and a commanding officer you've met."
"Commander Troy, Cybermen, Silurians and Time Lords."
"Thank you. An officer will be up to you briefly."
An hour and a half later, Lyra and Adric were led into the underground base by a man called, Corporal Mald who had been employed after the Cyberman affair. "Hello Miss Lyra, Master Adric."
"Hi. Does Commander Troy want to see us?"
"No. He does however want you to be presented with access badges."
"Well thank you." Said Lyra, taken aback, as she had a card with a metallic boarder handed to her.
"And one for Adric."
"Thanks. I've finished the maths so I need to call the Doctor."
"You won't get a signal in here Adric." Said Mald.
"Where could I get one then?"
"The computer rooms are probably busy so we'll go down to the cells."
The cells were no better than they sounded. Imagine a room with lots of books in and comfy armchairs and computers and food. Now forget this as it's got nothing to do with the story. In fact the actual room looked like a grey and brown basement with Perspex plates held up against each hole in the wall. Inside these holes were all sorts of things, alien documents, technology and- in some cases- actual aliens. Adric took Lyras phone and typed in the number, "Oh hi Doctor. It's me Adric. I've worked out your numbers. They are 6578491218E, 1254782974918i, do you need the other numbers?"
"No thanks Adric." Replied the Doctor.
"How is everything?"
"We've been given access badges."
"That's good isn't it."
"I guess. How's the dematerialisation going?"
"Much better now."
"Adric? What's happening?"
"One of the cell doors has opened."
"Which one?"
"According to Mald, the one with the Echo creatures in."
"That's not good."
"What should we do?"
"Get to a room with sprinklers in."
Adric hung up, stuffing the phone in his pocket. Stepping out of a cell door, was three creatures with metal helmets. There was two glass discs sat on the metal helmet that shone blue. They were dressed in grey tunics. The nearest to Adric stuck it's hand a out and started to drain energy from a table in the room until it went grey. The table became humanoid and then became an Echo.
"Run!" Screamed Lyra. They ran down a corridor with the Echo creatures behind them, creating more of their kind by the second. Mald led them into a large room with a sprinkler system on the roof. Suddenly the Echo creatures stepped into the door way trapping them in. "What should we do?" Asked Adric.
"Call the Doctor." Answered Lyra.
Adric got out the phone and dialled, suddenly pausing to listen to the Doctor. "He says we must activate the sprinklers."
"Alright." Said Corporal Mald. He pulled out a hand gun and shot directly at the fire alarm button. It started to rain down water on them and Lyra was just about to curse the Doctor when she saw sparks coming from the raining down water. It had formed a sort of ark and seemed to have a whirling spiral in the centre. Suddenly blue  light spilled out and a humanoid form appeared in the water. It cleared a bit to reveal the Doctor standing in a Victorian archway- just like the one at the front of the Reptuswan theatre. "Hello you lot!" He shouted over the rain and growls of the Echo creatures, "come on then! Shake a leg."
Not asking the obvious questions, Adric and Mald ran into the pouring water, past the Doctor, and disappeared. Lyra just stood there, so the Doctor stepped out and caught her hand. He pulled her in and she remembered passing from an office, into water, into a Victorian Archway and then into the most majestic room she had ever entered. In the centre of the roof was a glass tube with a swirling haze of light in it- there seemed to be a humanoid form appearing and disappearing but she reckoned it was her mind playing tricks on her. The glass tube entered a hexagonal console with strange and recognizable implements on it. It seemed to glow. There was also several rings of different colours  coming out of the consoles base on the floor were several rings of different colours. These stopped as around the console were several bits and pieces. There were a couple of chairs around a table, some paintings and a gigantic Egyptian sarcophagus sat at the back of the room. Most of the walls were lined with bookcases and there was a stair case directly to her left. The Doctor ran past her and to the console. "What is this?" She exclaimed.
"It's a type 40 Tardis, Lyra. Just going to pull the door control so I'd step away from the arch." The Doctor pulled a lever on the console and a pair of oak doors popped into the archway.
"What does that even mean?" She asked.
"Tardis? Oh the old girls an acronym." The Doctor pulled another lever. "It translates as Time And Relative Dimension In Space."
"Oh. What does it do?"
"Travels through space and time."
"How does it work?"
"Well, the whole thing should be powered by the Eye of Harmony but instead it's powered by a mixture of rift drilling and the Crux Paradigm. The power is transferred from the heart to the console where I can operate it. The six sides all have a name. There's the Helm, Navigation, Diagnostic, Communications, Fabrication and Mechanical. To start off with, you need to activate the dematerialisation fabrication. You then need to pull the time rotor handbrake to unlock the time column- the big glass thing in the middle. Then you plot a course with the directional pointer and the spice diagnostic generator. Adric, hold down the steering mechanism. We seem to have an incoming enemy."
"The Echo creatures are following us! Quickly then, there is a screen up there, what is it showing Lyra?"
"Need to activate the time path detector and time curve indicator. What does it show now?"
"Some squiggles moving in."
"Ah! Right then, I'll have to shake them off. Adric hold down the steering mechanism. Right, I'll activate the engine release lever," the Tardis shook into life, "probably best to activate the locking down mechanism." The Tardis started to calm down a little but they were still being thrown around. "They are still after us Doctor." Spoke Lyra.
"Ah. Time to step it up. Forward in time!" He pushed the lever forward and clicked a button. "Going to have to improve the speed. Atom accelerator, full blast! Quantum foam manipulators, here we go! Organic diagnostic come on my friend!"
The whole Tardis lurched to one side and it went very hot, "ah! Do I slow us down and stop us from boiling or vice versa?"
"Slow us down Doctor!"
"Cooling system, here we go!" Suddenly fans activated. "And we'll set gyroscopic stabilisers to basic." The Doctor ran around the console for a bit longer when suddenly a bell sounded. "There are the cloisters! Back in time then!" The Doctor pulled the forwards in time lever back and they went back in time. The Doctor ran around for a bit longer when he pulled the time rotor handbrake back. Then, pressing the materialising fabrication button, he snapped the door control. The Doors burst open and the people in the Tardis burst out into Unit HQ. "Ah Doctor." Spoke Commander Troy.
"Hello Commander. The Echo creatures are in the time vortex so don't bother about them. Here's Corporal Mald. We're off! See you later!"
"Doctor?" The Doctor didn't listen and just walked back into the Tardis with Lyra and Adric. "Where are we going now Doctor?"
"I believe one of your favourite magicians was Robert Houdin."
"Funny because I'm one of his friends."

The Doctor, Lyra and Adric will return in, 'Tempests in Paris'         

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