Friday, 28 March 2014

Advance of the Cybermen

Corporal Mald walked down the hallway of the military base he served at. There had been reports of problems with the Cyrus Institute gizmos that they provided all the soldiers with. He was just approaching the barracks when he heard a noise to his side. He turned and saw an ADRIC mirror, one of the Cyrus Institutes interfaces. It was glowing a funny blue and he reached out his hand to tap it. The second he touched it, a wire  started to coil around his finger. He attempted to pull away but couldn't as the wire grew round his hand faster and faster. Within seconds his whole right arm was covered in technology. The mirror opened up and started shoot technology at him. It wrestled him to the floor and when he stood up he was no longer human.
Lyra awoke to the sound of a hammer hitting some metal and a man exclaiming in anger.
"The Doctor must be struggling with whatever he was building again." She said to herself.
She walked down to the kitchen and saw the Doctor trying to dismantle her ADRIC fridge from the Cyrus Institute. "You're not taking the fridge as well."
"Why not?"
"Because we need it to keep food fresh. And anyway how's your project going?"
"Fine. It's easy enough to build but I can't get the actual system to work. The main things that aren't working are the Helmic Regulator, the Time Column or the Time Vector Generator."
"What are they?"
"You'll find out soon or enough."
"More importantly, are Unit going to break into this theatre every time they want to talk to you?" As she said that the roof broke open and a Unit soldier dropped in and spoke into an un-Cyrus Institute radio receiver. "We have a Code Red Cyrus. Repeat a Code Red Cyrus."
The doors blew open and a firing squad worked in. They positioned themselves and then fired at the fridge. The Doctor stepped back surprised and watched as the Fridge blew up!
The Doctor walked over to one of the shells that had fallen onto the floor and scanned it. "There is traces of gold in this bullet."
"Isn't that how you normally destroy Cybermen, Doctor?" Asked Commander Troy as he walked into the kitchen.

Commander Troy made himself comfortable at the head of the table. "Well Doctor, what do you know about the Cyrus Institute?"
"They make gadgets."
"Anything else?"
The Doctor typed something into the screen area of his sonic glove. "According to the internet, there have been many disappearances in connection to their products and some rumours of a picture of a young boy sometimes displayed on the ADRIC devices."
"We're interested in the disappearances Doctor."
"Yes well I thought you might be."
"We want you to get inside the Cyrus Institute buildings and find these people."
"Why is it so important?"
"You are a top secret military organization that fights against alien invasions. You don't have any actual proof that they are Cybermen and bearing that in mind you are bothered about a few ordinary humans having had disappeared in circumstances that may have had been connected to the Cyrus Institute products."
"Can we trust Miss Lyra?"
"Well then, a state of the art computer software was being hidden at Fort Terant. The site was decorated with all sorts of ADRIC devices. One by one each soldier disappeared, each one being taken by the side of an ADRIC device."
"What happened to the software?"
"It went missing."
"What could it do?"
"It was designed to be able to control any computer device in the world from one device."
"Hence why you think they are Cybermen."
"Well I'll certainly look into it."
The next morning and the Doctor and Lyra were waiting outside the gates in front of the Cyrus Institute. The Doctor was still wearing his magicians outfit and was currently attempting to destroy the gates with his hand device when their was a large banging sound emitted from the back of the building.
The Doctor ran with Lyra to the back gates where they sneaked into the grounds. The sound was that of a lorry unloading something. What it was, they were unsure.
Making his way to the door, the Doctor 'soniced' it open. They rushed in and quickly made their way past the receptionist and then to a corridor. Half way down, the Doctor discovered a computer screen. He gave it quick scan with his contraption and it revolved quickly. This caused the wall to disintegrate and they were able to walk into another passage. This was different to any other they had already been in as it was covered in technology. The Doctor started to tap away at a computer screen until there was a whirring behind them. It released a scarlet beam and quickly several bodies of steel began to materialise from thin air. "Cybermen." Whispered the Doctor.
"What should we do." Replied Lyra.
"Erm, well, Deinceps!"
 As the Doctor cried out onwards in Latin, they legged it through the iron halls. They got to a final metal door which the Doctor soniced. "Ah!"
"It's deadlocked sealed."
"I can't break it with my contraption."
The Doctor kicked the door and hit the control panel. Nothing happened.
And then, as if the door could sense their despair, it opened.
They ran in and the Doctor started to seal the door again. "Doctor." Said Lyra who was facing away from the door.
"Not now."
"I'm busy."
"Doctor. This is important."
"What!-" The Doctor spun around in anger until he saw what Lyra could see. "It can't be."
For there, standing across the room from them was a gigantic Perspex tube with bubbling liquids in. And inside the liquids was a young boy, probably fourteen, and he had black hair. His torso was covered in yellow tabard where you could see the imprint of a golden star that had been awarded for mathematical excellence. It wasn't there any longer.
"It can't be what Doctor?"
The Doctor looked into the tube and saw a boy he had first met stowing away on his ship. And he saw a boy he had first lost when he was trapped on ship with a course set towards the Earth. The Doctor remembered knowing that the dinosaurs died when the ship impacted.


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