Monday, 3 December 2012

Greenhouse Spectres (part 4)

The doors opened. The lights turned on and the Greenhouses sat down. I stood up and paced up and down the room. I wondered where to begin and finally realised. "Mr Greenhouse," said I. "it has come to my attention the reason for the strange events which have been taking place. You may struggle to understand but..."
"Get on with it," cried Robin.
"Sorry! Let me return to the beginning. The architect whose name we can't remember so we'll call him Bob, had been accused of stealing some treasure or something. He, however, was never proved guilty. Well actually nobody was ever caught and the treasure lost. So what do we think this might mean?"
"That he was behind it but never got proved of being guilty and ran away with the money?" Said Robin.
"Well ok but there was one thing about that theory that struck me as odd."
"Oh and what was that?"
"In the time between being accused and running away he bulit this place," guesting around me. "Don't you think that you would go staright away?"
"Good point."
"Thank you," I sarcastically bowed, "now keep that in mind. Another strange thing is that the man was a church architect. He had never designed a castle in his life. And the final clue, the obvious clue, the bit that punches you in the face and takes you to the cleaners: there is more windows on the outside than on the inside."
There were several gasps which was strange as there were only two people in the room. Waiting for silence I continued, "So to conclude my theory. Bob commited the crime but was never caught. He then went to the church he built to repent for his sins when an idea struck him!"
"I'm sorry Mr Rathbone," Said Edward. "But what has any of this got to do with our spectres?"
"Well Mr Greenhouse I was just getting to that. You see the church had many features but its main were the stained glass windows which seemed to project ghosts amongst the living." I said remembering what I had previously thought, "so in that flash of inspiration he designed a castle that working on the pricipal of stained glass windows that would make a ghost appear in a certain place after a certain event. Come with me." I lead the Greenhouses to the balcony where the ghost appeared each night. "Mr Greenhouse every night you draw the curtains."
"Yes so?"
"Well as you do that something else happens. Could you go and stand in front of the tapestry please?" They did so. "Now as I pull this string to close the curtains would you explain what happens Robin."
"The tapestry is being pulled back into the wall to reveal a stained glass window unlike anything I have ever seen."
"Now the window distorts the light and creates the illusion of a ghost."
"Ahh I see," said Robin. "The small area between the wall and the stain glass  is where the treasure is kept. Bob built the castle as too direct the attention away from the crime and hid the treasure there whilst he figured out away to clear his name."
"That is brilliant! I'm sure you're right, either that or youve watxhed to much Scooby Doo." I smiled at her. "I've got a job going in Glasgow, if you'd be interested?"
"Thank you Mr Rathbone," Said Edward, "Thank you so much for everything!"

I thought about these events as I travelled to London with Robin on the train the next morning. It was a peaceful process when I heard the noise of a text. Looking over I saw Robin check her phone.
"Gabriel we might need to make a detour."
"Oh really? Why?"
"My friend wants to meet us up at her house she has a mystery you might be interested in."
"Oh here we go again," I mutterd.

Gabriel Rathbone will return in "Jingle all the way"

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