Monday, 17 December 2012

Jingle all the way (part 2)

We dragged the dead body into the freezing room so that it would be preserved for when the police arrived. According to Rachel that wouldn't be till morning because of the powercut. Our group gathered in the dining hall. Harrison was talking to the greiving Fiona Kanda and Jeremy was staring into the middle distance. Robin was comforting Rachel and I just sat there thinking. We began to eat but gave up because there was too much distress in the air. Silence was just lingering and then Fiona wimpered, "Mr Rathbone please you must work this out!"
"I'll investigate for tonight but after that I'm gone. Me and Robin will go to the spare room. From there we will conduct our investigation." With that me and Robin walked out and, after much confusion trying to find the room, we sat down and Robin spoke.
"Well let's see, Alan was found in the butterfly house foaming at the mouth with no sign of being forced or poisoned so-"
"Yes. You see that what you are looking for are signs that he wasn't poisoned. What you should be looking for is signs that he was."
"Such as?"
"The fact that there was no sign he commited suicide. The fact that he looked scared as he died."
"Ok, so that means he might have been murded but how can we prove that?"
"Good question. Well we can test his fingers for traces of cyanide-"
"His mouth was foaming."
"And then we can know whether he was poisoned or not.!"

We walked down to the freezing room and opened the door and quickly froze. Throwing on some furry coats which were to the side we observed the body. I knelt down and looked at his fingers, I needn't test because I could smell it. We tested and found our ideas negative. he had commited suicide. Walking back up to the hall I annouced our results. It was over and solved, interseting to write about though, but as always someone argues and this time it was Fiona asking, "Why?"

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