Sunday, 23 December 2012

Jingle all the way (part 4)

Without any explanation Robin grabbed my hand and dragged me to dining hall where the others were tiding up.
"I've solved it!" she cried! All looked to me but I just shrugged and let Robin explain.
"The first thing that directed us to thinking he had committed suicide was that his fingers smelt of suicide. This suggests he had administered the poison himself. But then things got in the way like the question why, and because of this me and Gabriel began to look for other solutions. You see, Rachel mentioned that Alan has a skin disease meaning he has to wear his wife's organic makeup. As soon as she said this it occurred to me that it might have contained poison that killed him but I checked it and it didn't. So what was there? I was going through the notes I had made when Gabriel had come in and said something that had got my head spinning. The name of the butterfly is what he had said. And the name was European bell. I remember that Rachel had once told me that species had many distinguishing features, but the feature she liked the most was the fact that their eggs contained cyanide. And that you must be extra careful to make sure you don't wipe it on your face or lick your fingers when inspecting the eggs. Then it occurred to me, say that the makeup irritated his skin he would go to scratch it and then bam!" We all jumped, "He's dead."
"So in conclusion," Said I, "someone who knows about organic sources adds something to the makeup causing Alan to itch his face which kills him explain how the cyanide arrived on his fingers!"
"Exactly. And the only person who would have the expertise to find the right irritant was,"
Rachel answered, "Harrison! But why?"
"Because," said I, "he loves Fiona and wanted Alan out the way so he could makes his feelings clear, now if you don't mind I believe the boys in blue are outside and I have a deadline to fill."

With that we left and made our way to the office where another case awaited us.

Rathbone will return in 4 weeks time in The greek camera.

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