Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Jingle all the way (part 3)

It was interesting question. To be truthful I hadn't thought about that, but still it was good point. Me and Robin thought about it in silence. Which Jermemy broke, "Because he didn't like his life as it was and wanted to rid himself of this mortal coil!"
"Oh give in with the Shakespeare Quotes Jezzer," cried Harrison who was at Fionas side, We don't know why but there was a reason and that dosen't matter, all that matters is that we respect him.

After a miserable silence I went to look at the crime scene for a note or something. I read a bit about how the butterflies were called Europeam bells but no evidence. In a upset mood I walked back to the room where Robin was going through the notes. She recited a bit about how the lights turned out and that he was in the middle of checking on the butterflies. She told me what she had learnt from Rachel about how Alan had a skin disease which meant he had to where his wife's organic makeup. I talked about the butterflies and then said the name.

Robins face went red. Her widened and her mouth to a grin! Triumpthantly her hand went flying up and she cried, "That ring's a bell!"

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