Monday, 26 November 2012

Greenhouse Spectres (part 3)

I love this feeling. When everything starts to fit together and finally the mist disappears. The case was beginning to make sense but before I could tell Mr Greenhouse I had to go to the library for there were certain things I wanted to check out. A fact about the architect had struck me. If he had never been proved guilty where did the stolen goods go? It was starting to rain so I ran down the hill to the library. Walking through the big oak doors I was hit by the smell of books, let me rephrase that. Violenty assaulted by the smell. It was overwhelming and frankly shocking, so I resolved to get out of there as soon as possible.When I was kid I had spent a summer learning the dewy decimal system and quickly found myself in the area where the newspapers were kept. Searching through them I found out about how all the conclusive evidence pointed to the church architect and his friends. There was more things about how people didn't like him and then a final article about the fact he had gone missing. So, I thought, as I put the newspapers away, he was a church architect. He had, in fact, designed the local church across the road. I walked out and hurried back to the castle glancing at the church with its large tower and graveyard and stained glass windows which seemed to be casting ghosts amongst men. And then the final veil lifted and all was clear and I knew that if I didn't tell someone the answer soon, I would explode! 

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