Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Greenhouse Spectres (part 2)

The next morning, after a dismal breakfast, I went to investigate the balcony where I had witnessed the ghost the night before. There was no sign of disturbance even though, according to Mr Greenhouse, the spectre never moved from this spot. So what to look at first, there was the potted plant, man sized tapestry of some bloke, and plain red carpet. The corridor, which was decorated with pictures and had six windows, was a dead end after the tapestry apart from the potted plant which was in desperate need of hydration. The carpet was to put it plainly, boring. No trapdoors or anything just a normal carpet. The tapestry was rubbish, like it had been thrown together with a scaffolding pole instead of a needle! I decied to investigate the rest of the caslte which told that there were three bathrooms, twelve bedrooms and fourteen dining halls each with their own kitchen. Then I went for a walk around the grounds and looked around the lake. Arriving at a seat underneath a large tree, I looked back at the castle wall where I had seen the ghost with its seven windows and stone walls.
I went down to the village and spoke to some people about it. Basically they said that the spectre was the defender of their rights against the evil thoughts of the dukes that use to live up their, waste of time then. As I sat in the pub stirring a glass of lemonade a clue fell into my mind and everything started to fall into place!    

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