Monday, 12 May 2014

The Quest for Verdisc (part 2)

"We must do something!" Emilia exclaimed.
"Of course we must!" Thaddeus replied, as if he was insulted that Emilia would think he wasn't going to.
"Well?" She asked.
"Of course." Thaddeus rushed over to the stand writing desk in the corner of the room. He took a fountain pen from the desk and quickly scrawled something on a thick sheet of parchment. He folded it over, and slipped it into an envelope, and took a burning candle. He poured the liquid wax onto the envelope and it formed a week circle. Then he pressed his ring deep into it, leaving an imprint of the symbol above his doorway. He left it to cool on the writing desk and then went across the room to the workbench. He opened one of the many drawers and pulled out an empty bottle. He ran back to the writing desk and rolled the letter up, squeezing it into the bottle. He stuck a cork on top and threw the bottle to Marcus. "I need you to take this to my brother, Demetrius. He lives far away in the Permaline Recesses. You must guard this letter with you life and when you get there, Demetrius will know what to do."
"I don't understand." Marcus said. "Why must we leave?"
"The spectres are coming, of course! Why else? They're the only reason your parents sent you to live with me."
"Demetrius will explain it, but the important thing is you must leave as soon as possible. Follow me." He led them downstairs to their bedrooms. "Pack only what you see as essential, and quick now." 
Marcus rushed to his wardrobe and started choosing clothes, but was soon stopped by Thaddeus. "Pack only what you need, Marcus. Take only socks and a cloak, for clothes, and what you are wearing of course. And don't take too much else." Marcus decided that he should take a good book, a small paper back, his knife and a long piece of rope. He put them into large blanket then wrapped them up and stuck it onto the end of a staff. He came out to find Emilia with a wrapped up blanket of stuff tied to a stick as well. She also had a small bag on her side, which he knew would be holding the contents of her large chest: flame dancing equipment. Thaddeus joined them, and Marcus a similar satchel, just a bit bigger. "This has some food and drink in." He said. "And a picture of your parents, me and Demetrius, so you can remember who you're looking for and why you're going." He knelt down, so he was the same height as them. "Don't worry, children. It'll all be fine. Demetrius will take care of you."
"Where are the Permaline Recesses?" Emilia asked.
"Far away." Thaddeus replied.
"Will you send someone with us?" Marcus asked.
"Ah, that's where it all falls apart. As you may know, there is a lack of wizards at the moment, and they need me here, which is why I'm going to have to do something I hate to do."
"What's that?"
"Give you a prototype." Thaddeus stood up and rushed to the cupboard and pulled out a small thing, about the size of the average gnome- 4 foot 8. It had rickety legs, with wheels on the bottom and rotating gears inside. It had a globe head, with hinges on the side and a slot in the main torso for something to be printed out of. On the back, it had light up arrows, pointing forwards, right and left. "It's a mechanical wizard." He handed a key to Emilia. "Make sure you wind him up every twelve hours. He will direct you to where you need to go, and he can protect you, with his limited magic. Now then, good luck, children. I know you can do it."
They both nodded, hiding their true fear, and walked to the door. 
"We'll see each other soon." Thaddeus said.
"Goodbye, Uncle Thaddeus." They both said.
"Goodbye children. Now go on, before the spectres come." With that, Thaddeus drew his sword and raced towards the palace. He would defend this town, even if the king didn't believe about the spectres.

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