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Descent on the Panoptican

Lyra fell against the console, and screamed as plumes of fire exploded from the book cases and the floor. "Doctor!" She cried. "Do something!"
The Doctor turned on the time curve indicator. The spirals flashed red, on and off, and they were cracked, crumbling. The hanging monitor started to hum louder and louder, and then with a flash of magnesium, the screen exploded. The Doctor smashed his hand onto the stabilisers, but it made no difference. The Tardis was dying. "K9!" He shouted. "Link yourself with the outwards sensors, stabilise us!"
K9's scanner extended out of his optical plate and connected with the Tardisn console, and the robot dog began to communicate with the outward sensors, stabilising the Type 40 time capsule. "Thank you!" Exclaimed the Doctor. "Good dog!"
"Affirmative, Master." K9 replied.
Adric looked up from the floor. He climbed up and walked to the console. "Can I help, Doctor?"
"No. Sit down on the sofa and hold on for dear life, same for you, Lyra. This is extremely dangerous!"
The Doctor watched his companions sit down and then pulled the materialisation lever. The familiar whirring sounded. "This is dangerous. Hold on, old girl."
The purple mists inside the time column swirled and the raggedy woman, who was the digital interface of the Tardis appeared. "Oh do calm down, Doctor!" She said.
"It's not me having to fly you, is it?"
A projector on the roof flickered into life and Idris, the name of the Tardis' digital interface, appeared outside of the time column. She rushed across to the console. "Now why have you materialised us inside the time vortex, but not activated the anchorage?"
"I'm trying to add a bit of thrust!" The Doctor cried.
"Of course you are!" She rushed to the other side of the console and threw back the dematerialising lever. The Doctor hit a button on the console, and turned a dial to full blast. The atomic accelerators turned on, and the speed of the Tardis increased. Adric imagined that had there been mist in the time column, it would have swirled quicker. The Doctor flicked another dial and the thermometer on the console lit up about half the way. "It's not good enough!" The Doctor cried. "We need more power."
"Jettison a few rooms, Doctor!" Adric cried.
"No!" Idris replied. "We're in the vortex. Jettison too much to the wrong side and we could create a hole the fabric of the space time continuum! It's not safe!"
"Nothing is! Adric, over here." The Doctor pressed a couple a buttons and a screen rose out of the console. It had a keypad on it. "Do you know the dimensions of the dormitories?"
"Yes, Doctor."
"Then input it into this machine. Now!"
Adric got to work.
"The suspension isn't doing very well." The Doctor shouted.
Idris turned a dial and the Quantum Foam Manipulators activated. The Tardis stabilised. The Doctor pressed a button and the organic diagnostic beeped.
"Beep!" Idris said. "We're doing well. But most things are going wrong."
"Rooms are ready for jettison!" Adric cried.
"Good on you, lad. Go sit down. Lyra, see the lever in the corner."
"There isn't a corner! We're in a circular room."
"Go pull it!"
Lyra did so, despite the contradiction, and the thermometer filled completely. The Doctor grabbed the lever next to the thermometer and pulled it. The Tardis flew forwards, flipping over and over, and they quickened the pace. The Doctor ran to the lock down mechanism and pulled it, regulating the engine. He then clamped down the steering system. He activated the gyroscopic stabilisers and the Tardis calmed. Then he turned to Idris. "Time path detector?"
"Sure." She replied. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she recounted some information in her head. "I can sense eighteen Tardises, all descending on the Panoptican, Doctor."
"Thank you." The Doctor said. "Relay the information to K9."
Her eyes rolled back again. "Here you are, you excellency." She said.
"Excellency?" The Doctor asked.
"Thank you, Mistress." K9 said. "What would you like to have done with this information?"
"Put it through the Spice Diagnostic Generator. Then, take the results and run them through the directional pointer. Beep!" She cried. "Thermometer at full!"
"Brilliant!" The Doctor cried, reaching for the toolbox on the floor. From it, he drew a sonic lance and soniced the console. Then, he activated the cooling systems. "Hold on, my friends. We're in for the long haul!" He grabbed the lever to the side of the thermometer and yanked it backwards. "Deniceps!" He cried.
The Tardis flipped over and over, back and forth, and they hit the ceiling, then the floor, then the ceiling and then the floor again. The Doctor, in a mad struggle, pulled back the materialisation handle and they hit the floor. The Doctor pulled the door handle, grabbed his coat, his sonic lance, K9 and the others and led them out through the doors. They were in the out lands, the untamed world where the time lords rarely ventured. "Something is wrong." The Doctor said, but his words were drowned out, because the puddle that the Tardis took the guise of suddenly exploded. Balls of fire and light exploded from the puddle and filled the air around them with hot air, which burnt and melted their skin. They all hit the floor, as bits of twenty first century earth technology and furnishings from the Reptuswan theatre hit the floor around them. The Doctor looked up, just as the steering mechanism half buried itself in the ground before him. The Doctor waited a few seconds and then stood up. The contents of the Tardis was half buried around them. Then he saw Idris. She was lying on the floor, flickering in and out of existence, looking like a light that was being played with. The Doctor and K9 raced over. "Idris!" He cried.
"Doctor?" She said, unsurely.
"I'm here, Idris." His eyes were beginning to glisten. "Oh, old girl. What have we been through together?"
"Everything and anything, my dear." Idris replied, suddenly blinking out.
"No!" The Doctor cried. "Idris. Come back, old girl."
She reappeared. "Not ready to go yet." She said.
"K9, run a diagnostic on Idris here."
"Why has the digital interface been given a name."
"Why have you been given a name, K9?" Before the robot could give him a logical reply, he added,  "Just do it!"
"Yes master."
"Doctor?" Idris asked.
"Yes, my dear?" The Doctor replied.
"I have a message for the excellency."
"Tell me and I'll pass it on."
"No." She said. "I shall tell it to him directly. Your excellency?"
The Doctor was about to question her, when K9 answered. "Yes, Mistress?"
"K9 is the excellency?" The Doctor asked, unheard.
"He is back, your excellency. He who was the first."
"Query?" K9 asked. "Why address me as excellency?"
"No time. No time at all." She said. "He has possessed him. He has possessed him, your excellency. He has taken the Tardises. But he won't get his hands on me. Oh no he won't. Farewell, your excellency."
"Idris what's going on?" The Doctor asked.
"Goodbye, your excellency." She said, to the robot dog. "Goodbye Doctor." She blinked out of life, and the Tardis was dead.
"NO!" Screamed the Doctor. He burst into tears, and hugged the robot dog dearly. "Oh, my friend. Of the things that are wrong with the world, why must this happen?"
"Console yourself, Master. For that is what she would have done." K9 whirred. "Please note the comedy in that last statement Master, as the mistress was confined to the console."
The Doctor gave the robot dog and smile and then stood up. "Right. We need to find Lyra and Adric, K9, and then we shall avenge Idris."
"Revenge, Doctor?" Asked a familiar voice. "Doesn't sound like you at all?"
The Doctor spun on his heal to see a woman. She and just stepped out of a suit case, and was dressed entirely in beige tweed, with a trilby on her head and an umbrella in her hand. "Romana!" The Doctor exclaimed. "Whatever are you doing out of E-Space?"
"One of the sensitives received a distress beacon, from a Tardis. The crew had died upon entry and the digital interface was all that survived. I managed to find the Tardis and, with K9, I flew it to Alzarius. I and the Sensitives had set up base there, you see. But I was halfway through the dematerialisation process when something strange happened. K9 discovered that we'd entered N-Space. I wasn't much sure what to do, but then we noticed that time was collapsing. I thought, I needed to find the Doctor, and I reckoned that I may be able to find you on Galifrey so I set off there. Here I am!"
The Doctor grinned. "Good to see you. But tell me, did you have any problems entering?"
"No. But I think that was because I've messed around with my Tardis."
"What do you mean?"
"Well it's a type twelve you see, and I fiddled with the inside display to make it appear more like good old Professor Chronotis' and I fiddled with the chameleon circuit to make it look like this suitcase."
"Oh of course!" The Doctor exclaimed.
"Your Tardis is so fiddled with and old that it's unlike anything they could have pre emptied. My Tardis is quite notorious. Someone has put a forcefield up around Galifrey to stop any recognisable old technology and any Tardis from type forty onwards."
"Query, master." K9 stated.
"Yes?" The Doctor asked.
"Your Tardis is neither old tech or new tech. It isn't of Galifreyan origin, thus making it not likely to be looked for."
The Doctor furrowed his brow. "Well then, that mean's one thing, and one thing only. Somebody has put a block up against me!"
"But who would, Doctor?" Romana asked. "They'd just settle at stopping any Tardis from coming through."
"But they know I don't have a Tardis."
"Because it was them, who took it from me. The Master has control over Galifrey."
"Now that isn't good." Romana went silent for a few seconds and then exclaimed, "Adric!"
"Romana!" He replied, with Lyra at his side. "Whatever are you doing here?"
"No time for that!" The Doctor exclaimed. "Lyra meet Romana, Romana meet Lyra. Adric you already know both. Romana let us go to your Tardis. We need to go to the Panoptican. The Master will be taking over soon."
She opened the suitcase lid and welcomed in the two companions, the robot dog and the Doctor. They climbed in and walked into an old room from Cambridge University. Another K9 was on display in the centre of the floor, with inputs sticking out from him. "There's tea on the boil in the kitchen." Romana said, rushing to one of the consoles sticking out from the countless bookcases. She pulled a lever back and her Tardis dematerialised, the time column in the centre beginning to rise up and down. She ran round the room, activating the different controls, and then suddenly the whining of the ancient engines stopped and they hit the floor. "You may be better at short hops than me, but I'm definitely better at landing." The Doctor muttered. With the K9's staying in the Tardis, they burst out of the doors, and up through the suit case and that was when they saw where they were. The Panoptican. During the Masters ceremony. "Have them restrained!" He ordered.
"Harry." Lyra muttered.
Guards in red helmets and white capes grabbed the travellers and pulled them back. The Doctor tried to explain what was wrong but no-one was listening. The Master stood up and bowed. The Chamberlain took the sash of Rassilon and hung it around the Masters neck, muttering the important words. He handed the Master the Rod of Rassilon, muttering the important words. And then he placed the crown of the Matrix upon the the head of the Master and announced the Master as the president of the supreme council of Galifrey and the All His Dominions, Holder of the Wisdom of Rassilon, Preserver of the Matrix and Guardian of the Legacy of Omega. The Master began to laugh, a terrible long laugh. "I do not hold the Wisdom of Rassilon!" He exclaimed. Slowly his dimensions start to shift and he exploded into bright light. Another man stood before them, dressed entirely in red with short black hair and a giant metal glove on his hand. "I am Rassilon!" He cried. "And I shall restart time!"

To be concluded...

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