Friday, 30 May 2014

The Monster Hunters

It's one small step for the yeti, and a giant leap for the big footed kind! The Monster Hunters, my first book, is available for download on kindle! Simply search Luke Bateman or the Monster Hunters.
The book is £1.83 in England, and $3.09 in America, with other prices for other regions. The book is the first in a series of eight books, which follow the adventures of Captain Benjamin Frost, Evergreen Tide, James Smathers, Scraps, Doctor Leighce Peneller and Isobel Peneller.
It tells the tale of the Media, the United Nations attempt at a policing force for magic, which has been prosecuting magicians and occult species since Queen Victoria's reign, and nothing had even been about them. Until one day, an ex special operations Captain, by the name of Benjamin Frost, is captured by them in 1999. 13 years later, he had devised a plan of how to escape and how to take revenge on them.
With the help of a lycanthrope, a necromancer, a vampire, an alchemist and his apprentice, the Captain wages war with the Media. But then they discover the shocking truth of the Media's Operation: Fire with Fire, and what began as a short mission to exert revenge on a terrible organisation turns into a globe trotting race against time, before a new breed of monsters are released. Sometimes the monster is one of the hunters...
You can find the book on amazon on the following link: The Monster Hunters:  From the mind that created!
You can enjoy other stories set in this world on this blog, the REDD stories, Storm Wings and the brand new one that will be starting next week. Please, send reviews and spread the word, and I hope you enjoy it. In a way, it's been a labour of love.
Book two, the Age of Arathorn, will be available this October. Enjoy!!!

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