Monday, 5 January 2015

Are You Sitting Comfortably? (Part 2)

People were going missing. It had started as a sequence of missing cats, but had slowly begun to escalate into the decline of people in the small seaside town of Billings. Many people had blamed the Billings Bum Biter, a mythical creature who was rumoured to live under benches and bite your bum if you attempted to sit down. The council was beginning to worry, as was their forte, that the town may become a ghost town. There wasn't many people there in the first place, after all. William Jenkins and his wife Tabitha had always been interested in the genre of crime fiction- Tabitha had bought the Sherlock 3 series box set within an hour of it's release! They were so passionate about solving crimes that they'd bought each other deerstalkers the year previous, as well as painting their caravan the colours of the mystery machine.
When the tenth person went missing, Bill- William's preferred name- and Tabitha raced to their Dacier Duster and accelerated out into Billings to discover the true culprit once and for all!
The police, however, didn't want a couple of stupid amateurs in matching Dear Stalkers messing up the crime scene, so they sent them home. Bill and Tabitha were obviously quite upset by this, but, as Tabitha pointed out, the police didn't exactly like their idol 'Sherlock Holmes' at first, either. With boundless optimism and some doughnuts from the petrol station, the Jenkins jumped in their car and flew off, looking for clues.
They arrived in an old forest on the outskirts, the place the first victim went missing. They padded around the woods, searching for clues. Tabitha found one and grinned. It was a discarded phone. She ran to Bill and tried to give him a high five, as they did when they found a clue, but he left her hanging. His eyes were fixed on something in the far distance. It was a graveyard. It looked old, cobwebs and dust, but obviously it was new because of the dates. They were the graves of the people who had gone missing.
There was a crack and a scream behind him. He spun and saw a hooded figure, Tabitha slung over one shoulder, racing off into the obscured distance. Vowing to return at some point, he chased after the hooded figure. Plantation crumbled under foot and Bills face suddenly became cut and bruised from the springing branches he knocked. He came to a large building, a glorified shed of sorts, perched in the centre of the opening. The door was swinging in its rotten frame and he half expected it to fall apart as he knocked it open further. He walked into the darkness and felt a sudden unsteadiness because he could see. He pulled some matches from his pocket and lit a small light. Walking forwards, he looked around. It seemed empty but he felt something bump into his back. He spun but there was nothing to be seen. Running to a wall, he saw there was a light switch and he pulled it. Large lights on the roof flashed into life, blinding Bill. Once his eyes had begun working once more, he stared in horror at Tabitha, swinging from one side of the room to the other by a rope around her neck.
It wasn't the first time he'd left her hanging.

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