Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Corpse Quartet (part 3)

The other business man, who had turned out to be called Mr Guo, was definitely dead, when I and Robin got to him in the higher parts of the building. A gigantic part of his chest had been blown out by a shot gun, and splattered across the far wall. Faron told me I wasn't allowed to interfere with the crime scene until the forensics were finished, so there was a horrible three hour wait for them to finish. In that time, Robin demonstrated exactly why I don't usually play cards with her. 24 games of Blackjack won in a row. Completely unfair.
Once the forensic team had moved out, in a record time, I went in, dressed in my second plastic suit of the day. Similar forensic cones were planted all over the room, and the body had been removed. I didn't bother examining the blood spatter as I could see quite clearly what had shot him. A shotgun sat, a string tied to the trigger, on the top of a tripod smoking, it's barrel pointed exactly at where the blood splatter was, the wall peppered with shot gun marks. I stepped back out a lot quicker. "No cover ups this time." I announced. "He was shot with a shotgun, no doubt. Looks like a suicide, but there's something just slightly wrong. I couldn't say what though."
Robin nodded. "Open and shut then? Sol and Ro were together when Guo shot Lee. Then, knowing the end was near, Guo set up the tripod and shot himself."
"I'm not convinced." I replied.
We questioned Sol, and he collaborated with Ro. Faron got words from the police pathologist who was going to inspects Lee's body. She was going to call them at nine o clock once she'd finished her inspection. Wanting to hear the final verdict, I told Faron we'd stick around until the morning.
At nine, during a tea of soups, we got the call. After Faron had talked to her at length, I took the phone and spoke with her. "What's the verdict?" I asked.
The pathologist, a lady with an awful Scottish accent, I guessed she was from Scalloway, told me that Lee had definitively been shot with a 28 calibre bullet. No doubt about it. I thanked her and thought furiously. It didn't make any sense. What kind of mistake had I made?

I went to sleep on the problem, but was woken in the early morning with the sound of a shotgun going off. We raced out of the lounge where we'd been sleeping and up to the room where the shotgun had come from. It was the room where Sol was sleeping. Faron kicked open the door and his eyes widened. "He's dead."
It was pretty much the same crime scene as the last two. A large blood splatter on the wall peppered with shot gun bullets. Sol lying dead on the floor with a large chunk of his chest missing. I left the pathologists to study it whilst I waited around with Robin. There was only one suspect left.
But we had no evidence, how could we arrest her. I told Faron my suspicions, but he gave me a brilliant answer. A different pathologist had called about Guo's body. He had definitely been shot with a shot gun and the finger prints on the gun were being processed. We've have results by the morning.
With a Chinese guard on Ro's door, we all went back to bed.

Yet again I was woken by gun shots. One. Two. A long pause. Three. I raced out of the door. I knew where it was. Ro had obviously murdered herself, wishing to evade capture. I rushed past Faron and Robin, who had obviously worked it out for themselves.
I turned the corner and noticed the guard was nowhere to be seen then ran into the room. A 28 calibre gun lay on the floor. Ro lay on her bed, blood seeping out of a wound in the centre of her abdomen. I turned. The Chinese guard lay slumped on the floor, with blood seeping out of two wounds in his chest.
"Why did she kill the policeman?" Robin asked.
"He isn't one of mine." Faron replied. "I didn't post him there."
I made a bemused face. "Then who did?" But then it dawned on me. It was obvious once you worked it out. "That isn't a guard." I said.
"Then who is it?" Faron demanded.
"It's Mr Lee."

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