Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Are you interested in that last post?

Escape from the Media is just the beginning of Captain Frost's adventures, but do you want to read about them? In May, you'll be able to do that, in an exciting new development in my efforts at being a proper writer.
Some point in late May the full story of Captain Frost's adventures, named the Monster Hunters, will be available for purchase on Amazon Kindle, as part of the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing service.  But what is the Monster Hunters about?
Read the blurb below to find out:

The Media, the United Nations attempt at a policing force for magic, has been prosecuting magicians and occult species since Queen Victoria's reign, and nothing has ever been done about them. Until one day, an ex special operations Captain, by the name of Benjamin Frost, is captured by them in 1999. 13 years later, he has devised a plan of how to escape and how to take revenge on them.
With the help of a lycanthrope, a necromancer, an alchemist and his apprentice the Captain wages war with the Media. But then a vampire turns up. He's unlike anything they've seen before, but a terrible truth about his creation could put them all in danger.
Sometimes the monsters you must hunt are within you.

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