Monday, 23 September 2013

REDD: Storm WIngs

The Professor was waiting at the end of the pier. He's been waiting there for eight hours, which actually was only two minutes to him. He reached into the pocket in his long jacket and retrieved a large pack- about the size of a nineties phone- and pressed it onto his arm- after he had rolled up his sleeve. Pressing his password into the keypad, he felt the similar buzz of a needle sticking into his skin and the Jekklyde seeping into his veins. His urge to go and use his considerable strength for anger was subsided as it was each morning. He continued to watch the decking on the floor in front of him and all of a sudden a square carved itself in. The square was about a meter from the top right corner to the bottom left. The Professor smiled. His friend- Emery- wasn't exceptionally creative with his marks but it was simple enough. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a coin. He walked out to a little boy and whispered, "Hello kid. My name's Ruedalow, what are you doing?"
"Are you a peeler?"
"I'm preparing to rip off that old bird down there." He pointed down the pier.
"Good on you. Want to see a magic trick?"
Ruedalow led him to the square and pointed at it. It was covered in mold and had salt water in the carves. "Sign this coin will you?" The kid scrawled a symbol onto the face of Queen Victoria- taking the opportunity to huff at her face- and then passed it back to Ruedalow. "Thanks. Now watch the square. Don't take your eyes away. Understood?"
Stepping behind the kid, Ruedalow closed his hand around the coin and then he disappeared. The kid kept watching when suddenly the coin appeared before him, buried in the wood. "Wow!"

Meanwhile- thirty years ago- Ruedalow appeared on the pier. His friend, Emery was stepping away from the carving, putting his knife away into his pocket. Emery jumped away, shocked by Ruedalow's sudden appearance. "It's taken you far too long old chap!" Cried Emery.
"You should have beckoned me earlier then!" Ruedalow pulled off his fedora and threw it. As it spiraled through the air, it dematerialized and landed on a hat stand thirty yeas in the future. Ruedalow pulled his gun out and turned to face the people in front of him. There were three black clad helmet wearing MEDIA agents in front of him. The MEDIA were particularly nasty, not people he wanted to be meeting with. He fired his Beretta and one of them fell. "That was easy." He muttered.
All of a second the other agents pulled machine guns from their backs and started shooting. Ruedalow and Emery dived for cover and waited until they ran out of bullets. He jumped up and sent fourteen straight shots at the MEDIA agents. They all fell. Emery climbed up and flicked the safety off his revolver. "It's not over."
Suddenly the agents jumped up and started to fight again. Once Ruedalow and Emery had disabled their enemies weapons, they dropped their own. Sure, they were going to kill them. But they were going to do it gentlemanly. Ruedalow stuck his finger up to the heavens and felt the fedora land on it. He flipped the hat up and passed it to Emery. He drew two swords out and passed one to Emery. They swirled the weapons in their hands and then advanced on the MEDIA agents. Emery pushed his sword against the first officers bat and ducked as the second agent sent his blade into the first officers chest. Blood squirted out and the first officer was dead. Emery then collided his foot with the second agents leg and suddenly felt the blade of this officer collide with his neck. A few second later and Emery's head was on the floor. But Emery was a Veratide- which meant it wasn't possible to kill him. And so his head jumped back to the top of his head and he ruthlessly killed the agent. The final agent was fighting Ruedalow and once the agent was weaponless, the professor pushed the man over the edge of the pier. And then Emery stepped forward and picked up the eight dragon eggs that the MEDIA agents were trying to steal.
Once he had secured them in the little bag he kept with him at all times, he joined Ruedalow at the edge of the pier. "Ready?" Asked the Professor.
"Sure." Replied the doctor.
And so, once Ruedalow had glued the coin, heads up, inside the square, they disappeared into the future.

Professor Ruedalow and his friend Doctor Johnathan Emery are dragon detectives in Victorian London. From their top secret base under the Hungerford Market, they investigate and rescue any dragons from the malice of the MEDIA- a government organization created to combat the threat of magic.

They appeared before the market and entered, taking a set of stairs at the back down into the store rooms. they reached the fifth and walked in. The room was filled by a single chest at the back of it. Ruedalow pulled the lid up and they walked down the staircase into their offices below. There was a main table with their papers and typewriters on and several boards on the walls with information on different dragon species on. There was a pile of letters at the back, organized by David, their letter boy. "David!" Cried Emery. "Where the devil are you?"
A few seconds later David bumbled out of the mail room. "Hello, sirs. How be you on this fine day?"
"Fine David. Although Emery's been feeling a bit headless." Replied Ruedalow.
"Is this another one of your fancy saying's sir?"
"Yes David. Any post for us?"
"A little bit sir. This piece 'ere. I took the liberty to open it."
"Oh really?"
"Find any money."
"No- not that I'd tell you if I did sir."
"Good on you lad. What does the letter say?"
"Sighting of a night wyvern sir."
Ruedalow went deadly serious. "Honestly?"
He turned to Emery who said, "And with a night wyvern comes a storm."

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