Monday, 6 June 2016

The Future of the Cultured Yeti

Ooh. Isn't that an exciting title? The Future... so melodramatic. I'm writing this because I realised only about four or five people enjoy Maths Vs the Gang so I decided to break up the monotony for everyone else. Here is what I really wanted to establish in this post:


One of my favourite parts of a magazine, which is what this plot is ultimately inspired by, is the Editorial at the beginning. It's a nice way to see into the world behind the following articles as well as informing readers of important information. That's why, from now on, each month on the blog will begin with an editorial like this one. It will hopefully be funny and informative, discussing either what's coming up on the blog or what's going on in my life- because surely if I can't be sarcastic about GCSEs on my own blog where can I be? Hopefully this will also allow for experience in column writing as well, an area of the media I'm interested in for the future.

Changing The Format

I've already experimented with the format or posts on this blogs a lot- beit by long running stories like the Quest for Verdisc, single post one offs like Are You Sitting Comfortably? or mammoth more than four parters like Find The Lady- but I'm hoping to experiment even further. I plan to introduce new types of story and to explore what fiction is, because what's the point of a creative writing blog filled with the bizarre if you can't do a bit of bizarre creative writing?

Finding A Target Audience

So far, my target audience has been myself. That's all very and well but I clicked the button that said, 'Don't include your own blog views,' so now my constant readership doesn't count. That means going out there and finding you- and I mean more than just the one person reading this right now- to see what will really attract readers to the Cultured Yeti. If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to message me on Tumblr or write something in the comments. Please. I'm begging you.

I've Run Out Of Things To Put In A Bold And Massive Font

I thought there was going to be more of that. Ah well. Best laid plans of mice and men. I hope that you enjoyed reading about the future of the Cultured Yeti and will turn up for it! See you on Thursday or Friday for Maths Vs the Gang part five!

- Luke Bateman (because who else would be writing on Luke Bateman's blog?)

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