Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Bank (part 2)

At about the same time that Colin got into the car with his coffees, a car pulled up behind the bank. The doors swung open, allowing for the occupants to climb out. Three of the five were middle aged, the other two in their twenties, and all were wearing uncomfortably plastic builder uniforms, hard hats and all. They opened the back gate and stepped into the claustrophobic court where the bins were kept. The bank's backdoor was open, the alarm disengaged. The leader of the five grinned and walked through.
They emerged in a series of corridors, each as plain and boring as the next. It was illuminated by round lights on the walls, glowing orange against the white brick. The walls led back and forth until eventually there was a doorway. The disguised builders continued past it, talking to each other as they went. "Did you see the game?"
"Which one?"
"The Boxing Day match." Said Jones, one of the younger ones. "You know, between United and Spurs?"
"Oh right." Said McIntosh. "Yeah. I saw that one."
"I lost a pony." Dawson sighed.
"Having a daughter is really affecting him." Said Khan.
They all laughed. Dawson, who had turned bright red, said, "You know what I mean. I bet on Man U, as any sane person might, and the first time this season Spurs beat them!"
"Serves you right for betraying your roots." Jones laughed.
"Gentlemen." Warned their leader, a short bloke named Alderman.
They turned down a corridor and passed a small cluster of cashiers. McIntosh watched them pass over his shoulder and wolf whistled once they were out of sight. "There is something really... yeah about uniforms, ain't there?"
Jones shook his head. "I'm glad you're going to the vault. You'd get distracted in the bank."
"Gov, we're here." Said Khan.
Alderman nodded. The corridor forked off in two directions, one to the front of the bank and the other down some steps towards the vault. "McIntosh, Dawson, get to work. You know the plan?"
Dawson nodded. "We're in the vault, you three are in the bank, where Smithy's waiting already. You distract the coppers whilst we come round in the car, then we  shoot the coppers in the back whilst you run around them and get in the car. We go retire to Spain."
"One last job, lads." Alderman said. "One last job."
Dawson and McIntosh nodded and disappeared down the steps towards the vault. Alderman, Jones and Khan looked at each other and nodded, pulling guns from underneath their high visibility jackets. "You okay with this?" Alderman said to Khan. "I know you've got qualms with shooting people."
"That was before I knew the stakes, governor. I just wanna get in and out, quick as possible, and hope no one get's tangled up in this."
"Yeah, well make sure you don't bail on me now, Khan. If anyone plays silly buggers, you shoot them right down. You too, Jonesy"
"Sure. Whatever you say." Jones nodded.
They walked around a corner, reaching the door that led into the bank proper. Jones took a deep breath, a very deep breath, and then looked to Alderman. He'd always been a little bit scared of his boss, even if they were distantly related. There was something creeping, dark, about the way he seemed to know exactly what you were thinking. He took his hard hat off, running a hand through his thinning grey hair, and then took the stockings from the inside of his helmet and slid them over his face. "Neither of you getting stage fright?"
"Not yet." Khan said, pulling his stockings down.
"Good. Mr Morricone's depending on us, and I certainly don't feel like letting him down now."
They each pulled back their slide barrels then, after taking very deep breaths, raced through the doors. "This is a robbery!" Alderman screamed, his gun in the air. "Put your hands in the air and don't try anything clever!"
His words were almost drowned out by the wailing alarms. Before any of them could even wonder why they hadn't heard the alarms through the doors, there was the sound of gunfire as the three policemen, Alan, Bob and Colin, fired at them. The six were suddenly engaged in a furious gunfight, shooting and shooting until Alderman managed to grab a civilian and point a gun at their head. "Everyone! Stop shooting now!"
The policeman, and Khan and Jones, did just that. The room was met in the silence of the aftermath. Alderman smiled. "Thank you. That's good. Now, this is how it's going to work-"
"Gov?" Khan said.
Alderman looked at him. "What do you want? Can't you see I'm busy?"
"There's a body on the floor."
"So? They must have got caught in the gunfire." He turned back to the policemen. "Now, gentlemen as I was saying-"
"The body. It's Morricone."
Alderman looked over and saw the body on the floor was indeed that of their boss, Sergio Morricone, lying on the floor with his chest half torn out by bullets. "Oh, bloody hell." Alderman said. He aimed his gun at the policemen. "Which one of you shot him, because I can sure as hell tell you that they'll be the first to die."

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