Thursday, 9 January 2014

Find the Lady (part 3)

I drove away from the theatre and started heading back to the station, calling Dabs to ask if she wanted to go down the pub with me. She said she couldn't, as she was out to buy a cat for future excuses, so I decided to go and check on the progress of the case.
I received a very simple answer. There wasn't any.
Fletcher was our only lead, and despite the search for others, nothing had come up. I did explain to them that it was purely a message on Miss Polonskous' answer machine that had lead us to suspect them, but they didn't listen. A few believed the face blind evidence, but not enough for it to be factored into the investigation. So we continued.

Two weeks passed, no new leads coming up. The investigation continued at the same, slow, dreary pace and, decided that nothing was coming of it, a lot of the officers assigned to this case being reassigned. So there I was, eleven o clock in the morning and fast asleep, having come straight from my IRV shift, when I suddenly heard a phone buzzing. It was my own, of course as I lived alone, so I answered it.
"Is this DS Powell?" The voice, familiar asked.
"Yes. Who is this?" I retorted, curious.
"Miles Fletcher, Detective. Who else?"
"How did you get my phone number?"
"It was on the card in the back of your notebook. Which I'd like to return to you, if that would be ok. Also, I believe I may have some information for you."
"What information?" I asked.
"I can take you to Emma Polonskous, and I can tell you who kidnapped her."
"Tell me who kidnapped her and I'll come."
He said the two names, two names I knew well.
"Well I wasn't expecting that." I replied.
He gave me an address and I said I'd meet him soon. How we'd never worked it out, I'd never know. But soon, I'd know how he had.

Hello! This isn't currently DS Powell writing, it's Luke, the lad who writes these blogs. If you follow my twitter account- and if not, why not?- you'll have read my recent tweet declaring this story a seven parter, how exciting! Anyway, as it may seem a little far fetched that I could stretch this out for another four instalments, I thought it may be important to explain that the next three parts are going to be from Mile Fletchers point of view, explaining how the case is actually solved. Then, after that, part seven will be written from DS Powells point of view, telling us the explanation. I don't know about you, but the first seventh parters on this very blog is going to be very exciting!

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